Monday, August 13, 2012

Mobile Monday: Biking, Hiking, Olympics and Baseball!

It has been too long! I took last week off because I just became overwhelmed in life.  Not a bad thing. Here is a review if what I gave been up to.

Thursday I went up to Corinth to ride and found I had a flat bike tire. Apparently, I pinched the tube (whatever that means) or something because it won't hold air. So I went hiking instead of biking.

Not a bad second option.

Friday I spent about two hours at the DPS getting my license renewed. It took about 8 minutes but the line was out the door and around the building at 8am when I arrived. So dumb.

I went to Bicycles Plus to get gloves and a camelback backpack for water. (I learned my lesson from round one at Northshore. Trails 1 Laura 0). I was just going to just look at bikes. I had done some research and knew I probably wanted a Trek hardtrail bike as my first "real" bike. I wasn't sure from there....until I talked to the salesman. He showed me options ranging from$399-$1499 from both Trek and Cannondale. I found a happy compromise but I knew this was going to hurt. What I was not prepared for was that there would only be 13 bikes left in Trek's factory inventory when I made up my mind. So....

This bad girl will be here Thursday! I love it. Lime green is my favorite color so when I saw the detail on this black and white bike was lime, I knew it was mine.  There were other things too.  It has the ability to be adjusted from a street bike supension to a mountain bike suspension and the gears are much better.  These were the more important facts but the color helped! I may replace the handlebar grips and change to a gel seat eventually. I'm not sure what else will be replaced in time, yet.  The best advice I received was go to a bike shop. The folks there not only knew how to get me the right size bike for my height-16 inches. But showed me what I may want to move up to in a few years with another bike. 29 inch tires, for example. They also gave me some good advice on trails. Starting at Knob Hills is a friendlier choice. Maybe Horseshoe Trail next. They were very encourageing and helpful and I am much appreciative for that!
One funny thing. I was really excited about my bike (Think kid at Christmas) and talking my mom's ears off Friday about it. I must have gotten her a little excited because she asked if she could have my old bike. Saturday she texted me to make sure I was watching the mountain biking competition at the Olympics. So funny.

Friday night was Rangers!

They gave away posters of an original art piece from Vernon Wells the team commissioned as a tribute to the players voted to the 40th anniversary team. The game was a loss but fun.

Monica & Donny

Michael and Julie

My mom and me

After the game we got fireworks!

Saturday my friend Trish texted to say she had an extra seat for the game so I was back at the Ballpark!

It was turn back the clock to the 70's so there were free T-shirts

Eric Nadel was inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame. (A great choice).

Past stars joined the present stars on the 40th anniversary team.

There was powder blue uniforms from the 70's.

And 1970's dot races:

Plus a lot of good memories:

And of course good friends!

And a walkoff win by rookie Mike Olt who was called up Aug. 2nd.

After we went to meet friends at Bronson's Rock and for the first time I did nothing stupid at that place. There were no tears and I didn't get drunk. Well, that's good, right? :)

Sunday was quiet. Watching the Rangers and Yu win and doing housework before saying goodbye to the London Olympics. Good show GBR! Good job Team USA!

Happy Monday!!! Make it a great week and Go Rangers!


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