Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog Update Travel Tuesday

I have been listening to everyone plan vacations and this has me thinking, if I were going somewhere, where would I go? Now, don't get me wrong, I love Texas in the summer. There is nothing like 105 degree days when someone crashes into a power conduit to make you really appreciate Texas. There is something about the challenge of living in the heat, running in the heat, and just plain surviving the heat to really make you love air conditioning.

That being said, I thought where do I really want to go? Beaches are okay. I love swimming and water but there is only so much laying around on a beach a redhead can do. I would like to go to Runaway Bay Jamaica sometime because honestly, who doesn't want to run far away?

Of course if I can go anywhere I want to go to Italy and Cooperstown, NY. Who doesn't, right?

But if I were traveling this summer I would go to the mountains. I love the idea of hikes and swimming and picnics with a little wine and a cute friend. Now, this is my fantasy so my cute friend is going to be a blue eyed brunette, 6'2", solid build with nice arms and a ruggedly handsome not pretty face. (My fantasy man, get your own). I liked the idea of Colorado.

Not wild fire Colorado but maybe Steamboat Springs. Who wouldn't want to be here right now?

Or here

Or here

Or here

That has to be so much better than sitting on a beach. I can see running, biking, hiking, balloon rides, shopping, dancing, swimming, and that picnic with a player to be named later.

That's my summer fantasy vacation, what about you?


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Monica said...

There are so many amazing places to see in the states I think we all forget that! BTW Jamaica is a great getaway :)

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