Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

I'm all over the place today so bare with me.

First I love this shirt I am wearing today and to the game tonight. It is my favorite.

I'm loving this, which I stole from my brothers Facebook. So funny!
So true! People are crazy! I know, I am one of them!

Crunchy hazelnut spread. Omg this stuff is awesome. I don't eat it a lot but I don't feel just horrible about eating it when I do because sometimes a little chocolate is called for and at least this way I can get a little protein.

My new attitude toward anyone trying to fit me into their mold. Who I am and what I want changes daily. It's called growth. Everything I write I mean, when I write it. Tomorrow it may all change.

Well, honestly I may be a little of both of these things but generally I restrict my teasing to a select one. He can handle it.

And besides he is incredibly fun to tease. I can't quit. So sue me!

This is my new goal in life. I have only one regret and it is 20 years old so I decided to let it go. That makes me regret free. You heard me, I don't regret anything or anyone. I am making myself take chances. I won't live life looking back with a list of should haves. I just want to have fun. Nobody should get hurt in the process.

I really love this. I can't say I love me but a smart friend of mine said to me recently that if your friends think you are awesome and you think they are, they must be right about you. (well, Micah you said something like that.)

So here is the starter list. I need to post this.

And this.

I found this quote yesterday and I simply adore it!

I love these cupcakes. I was thinking, I could do these in chocolate, make a baseball sugar cookie for the top and then someone(s) lucky would get the cupcake and the cookie, someday!! (Yep, I am a tease!)

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1 comment:

Micah said...

You're close. Basically I said this --- I think all my friends are pretty awesome, and if they're associating with me, they must think I'm awesome too. :)

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