Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday-Auto Accident Style

Well, let's see. I am loving that the lady that hit me at lunch has no insurance.
I'm loving that she has a car full of kids and one on the way.
I'm loving that she also has no drivers license.
I'm loving that she actually managed to make me feel sorry for her.
I'm loving so much the stiff neck and shoulders that are keeping me from running tonight.

Okay, maybe not. I do appreciate that hopefully my unibody vehicle doesn't have frame damage. I do appreciate that none of the kids in her car seemed too worse for the accident. I do appreciate that there is absolutely no way it was my fault. I also appreciate that I have been on auto insurance my entire life and I carry uninsured motorist coverage so I'm not stuck as much.

As for what I'm loving, I don't know. I love the friends that saw my Tweet or Facebook status and contacted me to make sure I am really okay. I appreciate those of you that care and those of you telling me to go get checked out even though you know I won't listen unless I am severe pain. Nothing else really comes to mind. I'm a little overwhelmed right now.


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