Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blog Update: What I'm Loving Wednesday: Rangers Style Mid-Season review

We are over halfway through with the baseball season so I decided that this blog would be dedicated to my favorite pictures of the season to date. So here is what I'm Loving Rangers friends style.

Okay, this was actually our Rangers Ballpark tour before the season but I love this! Most of my girls are here! From left Lyn, me, Monica, Trish, and Julie.

Opening Day! Me and most of my girls, again. We never all seem to make it. It was just yesterday and so long ago.
(Rachel, me, Lyn, Julie, Monica)

Opening Night: Trish, Brannon, Me, Monica, Julie, & Rachel. Micah is missing from this picture. Boo! (We were invited to join the LSB tailgate thanks to our friend Brannon.)

This was our Angels game at the Cuervo Club. Sometimes we like to ride in style. Most of the time we prefer to just be crazy fans.

This was the game the next day. See how well Rachel and coordinate? We somehow have managed to not wear the same shirts on the same night, so far.

Trish, Rachel and me on the longest, hottest day. This was a great game. Josh Hamilton was sick and the game was about 5 and a half hours old. Josh hit a walkoff!

Rachel and I got to meet up with Whitney during a game. That was awesome. Love meeting my Twitter friends. (Every person I know in these pictures I met on Twitter.)

Jerry! He is my Dallas Stars & Rangers friend.

Felicia met up with me after a game. She comes down from Oklahoma to see the Rangers. I try not to hold the OK thing against her.

This is Rachel & Laura living the suite life. So fun to feel a little special for a night!

More Tweet ups. This was a few weeks ago with Jenna and Michael.

This is my sweet friend Cam and his Daddy, Chance who is my little brother from another mother.

Rachel and me.

Monica and me.

Julie and me.

Ah. I knew I had a picture of Micah from Opening Night!

Hot guy that sits by us and brings a different girl to nearly every game. He is cute & flirty & seems nice enough. Don't tell him he made my blog. Shhhh.

This could go on and on. No really. The good news is we have a lot more baseball. We have one or two more games at least we are going to tailgate. Still managing somehow to snag a bobblehead or t-shirt. Plus we have a bunch of extras.

For everyone coming to the August tailgate I will be in touch with the details soon.

Y'all get ready. Second season is underway but Third season is where it is all going to happen. Righting the wrong. Erasing the pain!

Thanks to every single one of my friends & buddies who have made the season so much fun so far. Can't wait to see you in the playoffs! All y'all!!!


This was a fireworks Friday with a big crew. We had a great time. In the picture is Bannon, me, Julie, Brandon, Rachel, & Ashley. Missing are Donny, Katie, Lyn, Jon, and Tonya.

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