Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day: The Blog

Happy Independence Day USA!!! Special thanks to everyone who has ever served.

I want to share a quick story today and let y'all get your grilling on. Some cultures believe that loved ones who have passed sometimes use animals to communicate with loved ones on earth. Usually birds. I have long believed that my father will send me a Cardinal to me just to remind me he loves me and he is proud of me and is watching out for me. Cardinals are the state bird of Indiana, my home state and where my dad is buried. They are not very plentiful in Texas. (Excluding post season baseball.) I have been struggling a lot lately with something and yesterday I had a moment of complete clarity about not only me needing to expect more and better for myself but remembering that I am both my mother and fathers daughter and that makes me an amazingly strong woman. Today as I was riding my bike through the parks, I saw not one but two Cardinals. This happened just minutes after I was nearly hit by a car. I realized, my dad was saying he loved me and was looking out for me and I was finally on the right path.

Note to Rangers fans, hate the team not the bird. It is an amazingly beautiful creature.

Happy 4th and God Bless the USA!


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