Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Blog: Mobile Monday

Friday started out with a Rascal Flatts concert.

Rachel and I waiting for Thompson Square and Rascal Flatts. It was windy. Rachel is smarter than me. I don't care, I think we look cute even if I am flawed!!!

The concert was fun & some folks were a little crazy. I am pretty much a big baby and a few of the songs made me cry. I can't help it, nobody travels a more blessed Broken Road than I do. This BTW, was very clear to me this weekend when I realized that something bad that happened a couple weeks ago was a huge blessing in disguish for a friend of mine and myself...even if only one of us ever knows it. God has both our backs. Good to know.

Saturday started out with little little league. My nephew was playing the role of Mike Napoli. That means he was catching. He was a little frustrated with the ump for blowing a call. (Guess they need robots in Little League too.) Love the Passion.

It was all smiles later. They won.

I did a little shopping and met a friend for a drink and lunch and some girl talk after the game.

Sunday was a day of beauty. Facial followed by new hair. I talked to my hair dresser about my hair because it seems thinner. She said this happens all the time with people who lose weight and suggested a good vitamin should help. I am terrible about taking these. I know I should. Oddly the lady doing the facial said the same. Guess I am getting the message.

Here is the new hair. I have said before I get harder to handle as my hair gets more red. I should be a hot mess now. That's okay, I am worth the trouble.

Happy Monday!


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Rachel said...

Love the pics!! You are adorable!

BTW, listening to Rascal Flatts right now and Broken Road is playing while I'm reading this. No lie! :)


DoxieDoodle said...

haha! That is funny. I love that song and Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not. Both will be at my wedding should I ever find Romeo. LOL

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