Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Hump Day Cupcake Style!

Two of my favorite things are Hump Day & my friends. I was born on a Wednesday so maybe that it is why it is hands down my favorite weekday. We will go with that because otherwise I am a 12 year old boy..

Several of my friends love the same things, baseball and cupcakes. (I haven't taken a poll on the Hump Day issue although I know what side one or two of them will come in on).

So I am trying out recipes for the tailgates in August and September/October should they be needed. Tuesday I made a Mocha Java Nutella cupcake with a dark chocolate-java-nutella frosting. (Do you prefer icing?) The cake wasn't bad. I took the idea from brownies. I prefer the Nutella Brownies to be honest but I tend to prefer brownies. I like the chewiness of brownies. The frosting was a doctored up store bought number and I won't do that again. I was tired. Homemade Butter Cream is just the best stuff. I happen to prefer the frosting to the cake so I may be a snob or a big kid.

Basically this is just a chocolate cake with some instant coffee & a drop of nutella in the center. I happen to be a sucker for nut butter of any kind.

This was a good cupcake but it isn't tailgate worthy. I may bring the brownies. My next cupcake will be a margarita cupcake. This will require a girls night taste test and the real thing to go with it. Stay tuned.

For those worried, I only eat one to test. I give the rest away to willing taste testers.


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DoxieDoodle said...

I may have been too hard on these cupcakes. They got good reviews from those who tested them this morning including the doctored up premade frosting...or icing. Whichever y'all prefer. :)

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