Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorites Blog Update: Olympic Style

I love the Olympics. I love cheering for team USA! I love everything about amateur athletes. The stories of struggle and sacrifices that the athletes & families go through to compete on the world stage. The faith and determination to train at the highest level for a lifetime. I even love the crazy mascots.

If you read my blog or know me in person you may have picked up on my favorite sport. It isn't an Olympic event. Boo!

Thankfully, the Rangers are in a race to win the AL West and I like several Olympic sports. So here are some of my favorite Summer Olympic sports.

How can you not like hoops? It is a true American sport. Born in this country. Besides, I love me some Tyson Chandler. I look forward to cheering on players I normally hate and I can't wait to boo Manu Ginoboli. This is how it should be. I always cheer for the German team when they play everyone but the USA. I love Dirk, what can I say?

I am such a girl at times. I love gymnastics and ice skating. I have to think those are my favorites in both summer and winter events. I love the amazing things those athletes can do with their bodies and let's be honest, this is not a team event. They are really competing as individuals. I can't imagine the pressure. I can't imagine having to do it in those terrible costumes!

Swimming and Diving are my next favorites. Love them. Love the excitement and the power of the swimmers. Totally jealous of their amazing bodies too. Love the grace and beauty of the diving. Greg Louganis will always have a special place in my heart. What an amazing athlete!

Soccer is new for me. I have tried to keep up with it starting with the World Cup. I can't say that 1-0 games are exciting but the end is always nerve racking! I do love Landon Donovan but who doesn't?

Track and Field is something I usually like just because Team USA does well but since I have taken up jogging occasionally I think I have a new appreciation for runners. I love the excitement of this sport. Crossing the finish line the quintessential sports goal.

Volleyball is something I started watching because of Karch Kiraly. Yes I am old enough to remember him playing for the American National team in the 1980's. My memories are really the Seoul games in 1988 when he was captain. Was that really 24 years ago? Wow! I also remember Karch went on to play beach volleyball and yes, I watched that too. Misty May Treanor became a favorite after her hubby started playing with my Texas Rangers. I guess I prefer the beach but either is fun to watch.

I am sad that neither softball nor baseball will be involved in the Olympics. It is a tragedy really. I hope after 2016 the International Olympic Committee will reinstate both sports. This is crucial, especially for the women's sport.  The men's team is made up of minor leaguers and they have a job but the women need this sport. It is simply too important!

All in all, I can't wait for that torch ceremony tonight and the games to begin. What is your favorite Olympic sports?


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