Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tailgate Thursday blog update

So tailgating. I know absolutely nothing about throwing a tailagate party. I mean, the Rangers don't let you have an open flame according to the website so how do you grill burgers and dogs?

Let me back up. I got this bright idea to invite a bunch of friends to tailgate Aug. 25. Mostly I wanted am excuse to bake and I can't eat what I bake. So, I decided to bribe them with this:

Or maybe this:

That is actually the only thing that I know will be there! I want there to be some of this:

So I am planning on bringing some for me. I may or may not share!

I am thinking everyone should bring what they want to drink and some kind of munchie but here in lies the problem. Food! (You may have picked up by now my style. Stress. Worry. Relax. Stress. Worry. Relax.) Right now I am in the worry stage. What if there isn't food? People will starve. Man can't live by cupcake alone!!!

So I turned to Pinterest for help. I asked Twitter too but I was ignored. I hate being ignored!
(Boo Tweeples).

Here are some things I am thinking about:

I just don't know where to go with this food-wise. Anyone who has ideas, suggestions, or dislikes should speak. Otherwise I am just as likely to say let's all chip in and bring Chick-Fil-A or Dickies.
Wait. I will just go to Chicken Express. I want that snow monkey anyway. :)-

I did find this:

Now me throwing a football in 100 plus degree heat is not my idea of fun. I am pretty sure my female friends will agree. If my guy friends feel the need, bring your balls. I did see this on-line.

Which is really cute but I'm not sure how many people are going to want to play games. This particular game is a 3PM start so tailgating will be about noon.

Okay can you tell yet I am now in full blown worry mode. I am sure it will be fine. I mean, it is about hanging out with friends, right? The bunch of my baseball buddies that say they are in & cupcakes. Well, somehow it will work out.


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Rachel said...

You told your guy friends to bring their balls. I had a 12 year old moment and giggled!! hehehe..

I missed your tweet where you asked for advice about tailgating. Was it today? I haven't been on too much.

I could always bring a Chick Fil-A nugget tray!!

See, it's not easy being the organizer of an event, is it?? :) Seriously, do you need help? I don't mind!!


24 hours until RASCAL FLATTS!!!

DoxieDoodle said...

I know. I was wondering if anyone would catch that. LOL. I haven't actually told any of them to bring their balls...unless any of them read the blog.

I said something yesterday. You were busy by that were alone. I love the idea of a nugget tray and I was thinking of doing some of the dips and maybe a cold pasta dish. We can talk tomorrow afternoon and bounce ideas off each other.

It is way easier to organize a party when you are doing it with electricity! LOL. Can't wait until tomorrow!! :)

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