Friday, May 22, 2015

Embrace: The video that is causing women to think about themselves

Watch the video here

Have you seen the video from Taryn Brumfitt making rounds on social media?  She is raising money for a documentary called Embrace which will deal with women and their body image.  I encourage everyone to watch the video regardless of your desire to contribute to the project.   It is another one of those eye opening moments where we realize just how hard we are on ourselves as women.  Mental health is at least as important as physical health and learning to love ourselves is obviously the biggest struggle a lot of women have.

Much like the Dove video generated positive discussion on women's negative body image, this video is eye opening.   Hopefully, we all learn to accept ourselves and teach our daughters to accept themselves and stop being so hard on ourselves.

Aside from that I wish you all a happy Memorial Day weekend and hope that you hug a soldier if you got one and hug one for me, too!   Thank you to all those who serve or have served and make this country the best!  Everyone eat lots of potato salad and grilled stuff! 


Housekeeping Notes:  I have changed the blog comments and am now using DISQUS.  I hope this change is a positive and makes things more uniform and easier.   Thanks. 

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