Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I don't want to Adult Today: 10 reason I want to be a kid again

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Every once in a blue moon I get a wild hair and do a Bonus Blog.  Today is that day.  I saw this cute blog hop and wanted to join in.  

So here is why I don't want to be an adult today:

1. Kids get to go to bed early and they complain about it.  I want to go to bed early.  Okay, let's be honest,  I have wanted to go to bed since I woke up.

2. Summer Vacation.  
I want that back.  I want it back now.

3. Endless energy.
I don't know what happened but somewhere between 20-something and 40-something I lost the ability to stay up all night and still go to class, er, work.

4. I want this bedroom baseball bedroom decorating ideas | is more? Doesn’t get much simpler that this…..mural of baseball ...
Yes, I know it is a little boy themed but who cares?

5. I want to eat poprocks and drink a sugar filled coke, not diet!

6 . If I were a kid, I am pretty sure my knees wouldn't ache and my back would let me do handstands.

7. Swimming!
Oh, we swam all day as kids and drank lemonade, and caught fire flies.

8. Cocoa Pebbles:
When you are a kid, you can eat that stuff.  When you are a 40 year old woman, you know better but that doesn't mean you don't want to eat them, or Fruity Pebbles sometimes.

9. No Cellphone:
I know, this is a double edged sword because kids have them and use them all the time but I didn't as a kid and I am pretty sure, I was happier for not having them.

10.  Grandparents:
First, if I were a kid, mine would still be around.  Second, I could go get spoiled by them because that's what grandparents do and Third, I just really, really miss them and would love to sit and talk with them and have some lemonade and catch fire flies and eat a hamburger they grilled with white bread and not care.



MilitaryPugWife said...

I want to eat all the pizza in the world and a quarter pounder meal and ice cream and not gain a pound! This was my life in high school! Why did God slow down my metabolism!!!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Mine was never fast but I knew girls like you and envied you! That would have been too good to be true!

Tiffany Khyla said...

I want summer vacation back too! I took those glorious months for granted. Sigh. I was a Fruity Pebbles kind of girl. I still eat them every once in awhile. I actually miss not having a cell phone and the internet (gasp). Times were just easier, and I concentrated on more important things.

Katie said...

Yes, I could really go for summer vacation and lucky charms for me!! :)

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