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What's in a name and What were people thinking in 2014

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Clearly Juliette had an ulterior motive in saying that a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.   Obviously it would smell as sweet but do we really thing a rose called vomit would be the same?  I have my doubts.  Of course, it is highly likely that knowing what vomit means taints my thoughts on that subject.  

This morning on the news they went through some unusual names that people gave their kids in 2014.  People as in plural named their boys Million, Billion, Dagger, Sadman and Swatstik, yes SWATSTIK.  I mean, all I could think of was there was some crazy group of 10 neo-nazi's out there who thought this was a good idea.  Even sadder is the 7 people who named their daughters Lay.  What exactly are you trying to tell your female child?  

I have read studies saying that female children adapt to different names easier than males but I don't know that that is going to get any little girl past the Lay.  I don't know, maybe if it was spelled Lei or Lai it wouldn't be so strange.  Maybe the parents just like potato chips?  Who knows.  It just seems really odd that 7 families independently came up with this name.  Don't even get me started on the 5-11 families that came up with those boys names.  

So I started to think of the little boy on the baseball team named Sadman.  Every time he comes up to bat, what do you call him?  'Go Sad', 'Go Man'?  What about poor Swatstik?  Can you imagine the first time his girlfriend brings him home to meet the parents?  
This is my boyfriend 'Swatstik'.  Mom "Well, it's nice to meet you um, Swatstika".
 Dad "Son, did your parents not love you?  Why would they name you after a Nazi symbol?  Are you a Nazi?"  You know dad's cut to the chase when their baby girl is involved.  

That is nothing compared to the teasing the kids in school are going to give these kids.  Poor Lay is going to be laid 100 times in high school if the teenage girls are mean.   Poor Dagger will have to learn to defend himself with a name like that really early.  Can you imagine if Lay and Dagger actually meet and start dating?  That would be brutal in High School.  Admit it, there is a part of you that remembers how mean kids were and you know it would! 

I just can't help asking myself: what is wrong with James, Michael, Phillip, and Robert?  What about Elizabeth, Rebecca, and good old fashioned Mary?   Why do some parents feel the need to make their kids targets with something so different?   Kids have it hard enough without giving them a name that is going to make it hard on them.  Don't get me wrong, every child is special and I am not saying that feeling like your child is unique and should be recognized as such is wrong but SWATSTIK?  Come on.  

I grew up with a different last name.  It was pronounced nice (spelled a little different but pronounced NICE). First of all because of the spelling it was always getting pronounced incorrectly and by the time I hit 2nd grade when the teacher would call my name the first day of school the entire class would yell out "NICE"!  It was almost sad, man.  It was also a lot to live up to being Laura Nice.  My last name now is no better, in fact, it may be worse, especially when you combine my maiden name with my married name,  although I prefer to keep that one to myself.  I have never really liked Laura but I have to thank GOD that my parents didn't decide to name me Lapis or Lazuli.  Lapis Nice or Lazuli Nice would have just been the end of it for me.  

Luckily for most kids who aren't named Sadman, their parents see reason.  Here are the most popular names over the last 100 years and I was happy when looking into this blog that the top 10 trend in baby names is actually toward traditional and historic names like Olivia, Sophia, Emma, and Eva for girls and Noah, Jacob, Ethan, and Lucas for boys. 

TOP 10 MOST POPULAR NAMES in the last 100 years. Did your name make the list? Teach Me Genealogy

I am going to make a prediction that with the birth of Princess Charlotte, the name Charlotte will rise in popularity across the world.  That is fine by me, a beautiful name and one that will not get any little girl teased.

Oddly, my father was named James and my mother is Mary the top names in each gender over the last 100 years.  How strange or maybe that's just because I come from a very Catholic family with a LOT of Mary's. 

Now, I have to admit when I was young I had some pretty weird names picked out for my kids.   Taryn if it was a girl, Chance if it was a boy.  (Taryn I heard on an episode of 21 Jump Street and Chance because of the Tinkers to Evers to Chance Chicago Cubs infield).   As I grew older my names for kids changed and became more traditional.  James if it was a boy, after my father and either Emma, Emily, or Kayleigh if it was a girl.  Not a Sadman or Lay in the group.  

So, do you prefer traditional or non-traditional names? 

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