Monday, May 18, 2015

Tailgate 1, Baseball Weekend


Saturday the Mister, my friend Janice and I headed to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, (yes I know that isn't the name technically, but I refuse to call it the other name) for Tailgate 1.   The tailgate was moved from our original location, reportedly due to a concert at Jerry World.   Now I am all for country music but I don't understand the Rangers giving away parking.   Anyway, we found a better location in Lot B and confused everyone at the A&M tailgate when we showed up with 2 giant pans of enchiladas only to realize we were at the wrong tailgate.  They were very upset, not that we left but that we took the enchiladas with us.   
From Left top: Hubs, Ronnie, Hubs and Jan, Janie

Finally, we met up with our group,  a BUNCH of Twitter friends, most of whom I had never met in person.   Rangers Nation has some amazing Tweeples and it was so fun to get a chance to talk with people in person that you have been talking with online for years.  
From L top: the Gingers, camo hat, Darren, Jan and hubs

It was camo hat give away night.   We all look look great in camo so it was great! This is my 2nd Camo hat give away so I feel very invisible right now. 
General Lee, tailgate photos, Sam Houston, and more tailgating 
I ran across the General Lee and Sam Houston in my tailgating fun night.  The lady that owned the car was nice enough to let us take as many pictures as we wanted.
Indians Vs Rangers 
Oh and there was a game.   Unfortunately, our closer blew a save.  You could tell by the Tweets being sent out by the tailgate group that none of us had any faith in Neftali Feliz, for good reason.

Group shots I stole from Elle! 

I didn't get any group shots so I stole borrowed this one from my buddy Elle.  Thanks darlin!

A big thanks to those who took time and organized this event.  It was great tailgate with just a amazing group of people, Look at all those beautiful faces.   Honestly, IF I tried to name all the great people I met, I am afraid I would forget someone and be forever shamed so a SHOUTOUT to the whole of Tailgate 1 for being just super and so much better in person, if that is possible, than on Twitter and to all those I met and am following now on Twitter because it is so much fun making new friends! 

Did I mention the food was amazing? There was grilled chicken and pork, brisket, homemade salsa, so many great sweets from cookies to amazing cupcakes!  Oh and my venison enchiladas which went over very well, unless everyone was just being super nice. I swear I am going to post the recipe to the blog but somehow I never get pictures.   Okay, well I did take one...of the assembly line.  That's a lot of meat and cheese...and tortillas all of which were used.   
Enchilada Production Friday 


We decided to meet up with Kimberly, Travis (who we met Saturday) and Janice for a Frisco Rough Riders game. 
Kiddo and hubs

Beautiful park 

Jan, me and Kimberly with a zombie and a kiddo 
I don't know why this is the closest thing we have to a picture of Kimberly...and my hubs is doing his version of Zombieland.  I really think he got confused.  It was Game of Thrones Sunday not The Walking Dead Sunday.   (Sunday is our favorite night on TV.  Actually, it is the only night we watch TV normally.   We have no shows except on Sunday.)

Josh Hamilton 

It's hard to tell but this mismatched uniform belongs to Josh Hamilton who is doing his extended spring training now at Frisco. My guess is he will be called up by the end of the week so we wanted a chance to see him play close up.   If you look really hard you can tell he has on white pants not the off-white of the Rough Riders.   

Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders 
Need to give a big Kudos to the Frisco Rough Riders.   The organization is top notch.   The people are always so nice and we even met Teddy Roosevelt who was eating a hot dog but stopped for a picture with the kiddo.   (She has it on her phone).
Dr Pepper Park 
And the ballpark is pretty perfect.   Every seat is close to the action and the tickets are so reasonable. They even had a "Dollar Hamburger Inning" and it was Dollar Ice Cream day.  We are actually thinking about getting a season ticket plan for Frisco and then adding Rangers tickets individually.   The Riders are only about 15-20 minutes from out house and the game is so enjoyable.
Josh Hamilton homecoming part 2 

And you get a chance to see the rehabbing MLB players as well as the players who will be Rangers soon!  Joey Gallo who is an up and coming player and top prospect was playing 3rd last night.  It was amazing to get a chance to see him up close and personal.  He is in a very big dude!

The weekend was full of friends and baseball and we had a great time even if we did eat way too much and nothing healthy!  


MilitaryPugWife said...

So much fun! My husband loves baseball. I get bored with it but the food is really good! He's a Red Sox fan.
I love everyone from Texas btw and I love Texas. Just a great state. That's another post for another day!!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Red Sox fans are actually some of my favs when I have to deal with a park full of 'other' fans. Yankee and Cardinals fans are the absolute worst. I have had Red Sox fans come up and give me whatever the Rangers give away was just because. Yankee fans are not polite at all.
I would love to read a post from you about where you have been, I bet there are tons of places! I may have to check your blog history and see if you did that already! LOL

Rosevine Cottage Girls said...

Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

It was tons of fun and thanks for visiting.

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