Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A tale of a garden hose


In the beginning, I wanted to plant flowers. It seemed a simple enough desire.  Add some pops of color to my already well stocked yard and make my own statement.   I mean, let's face it, I have over an acre to work with so there is a lot of room for floral fabulousness.    My two biggest obstacles were chickens who like to eat pretty much anything and everything, and a short, kinky garden hose that wouldn't reach all the way to my beds without getting messed up and driving me absolutely bat you-know-what crazy.

Enter a kink resistant garden hose to save my sanity, or so I thought.  You see, the thing about a new garden hose is that it must be attached to the faucet and then wrapped around the thingy that is attached to the house, you know, the hose holder whosie-whats-it.    Anyway, little did I realize when putting the hose away that there is, in fact, a wrong way to do it.   I mean, seriously WRONG!

And then my sweet husband came to my rescue and educated me on the proper way to wrap up a hose.  For. Thirty. Minutes.   Just because I want to share what I learned in the 2 minutes I was actually listening, the key is, you twist the hose back around as you come up in your loop so that the same part of the hose is always facing out.  There are probably You-tube videos for this crap.  Heck my husband probably made them.  Apparently, for a man, this is a REALLY big deal.  

The story has a happy ending you see, my hose has not been run over yet by the lawn mower and my flowers get water.  Okay, honestly, I assume they will.  It rained for a week straight and I haven't had to use the hose since my dear, sweetie wrapped it up and hung it on the holder.

I know we all have our own, unique, special, extraordinary way of doing things, and this is just one of my husband's many, many, many special skills.  (Luckily, he doesn't have a blog where he can share mine.)  So, what kind of "big deal" things does your husband do that make your head spin with wander and excitement over how truly amazing he is?

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