Saturday, March 26, 2016

Blogging From A to Z: April 2016 Blog Challenge

I was flipping through some blogs and I came across this April Challenge.   Basically, they challenge you to write a blog every day during April except Sunday and use the alphabet as your inspiration.

I didn't find this challenge until after the theme reveal was finished and since I have had less than 24 hours to actually consider this, I signed up and plan on working on something this weekend.

That being said, I technically consider this a lifestyle blog with cooking, sports, entertainment, and DIY, (Okay, follow that?) and I already have some things planned for April so we will see how I fit them in.  

Sign up here for the Challenge if you want to give it a go. There are about 1500 people signed up to date.  They have an outline of the rules part of which is to read other blogs doing the challenge on their actual site and leave comments. 

I am super excited about the challenge and hope to see some of you there.   It should be FUN!

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