Friday, March 25, 2016

Recap: The Walking Dead Episode 14

My goal here is not to spoil the show if you haven't seen it yet which is why I wait until Friday to post my recap.  If you haven't fit it in yet this week, watch and get back with me so we can discuss! 

The show starts with Rick finding Morgan building the jail.   Rick, in his typical man of few words moment, gives Morgan a tilted head "why?" and Morgan explains that he wanted to give Rick options for "the next time".   Ah Morgan, you don't know Rick very well, when push comes to shove he lets his gun do the talking.  By the way, Morgan, when Rick tilts his head, he is ready to shoot.  Watch your back Brah.  

Next we cut to a sad Carol reflecting on her sudden cigarette habit.  I know it is hard Carol but walk away from the cancer stick. We can work on it together.  You have enough problems without coughing up a lung in the middle of battle! 

Carol sought out Daryl to discuss nothing specific, he got his bike back and that somehow led to a discussion of how he should have killed the Saviors he encountered in the woods.  Carol didn't agree.   Is she getting soft?  Is she losing her mind?  Is she wishing she were just baking cookies?   I know I am. If Carol doesn't end up hitting the sheets with Daryl pretty soon, I am going to have to assume he is gay because....seriously! 

Even Daryl is clueless about what Carol is talking about. 

I mean look at him.  He is all like "Woman what the heck is wrong with you?  Snap out of it, we have people and walkers to kill! Go bake some damn cookies and calm down!"   I recognize the look.  My husband often gives me the same look when I am all female crazy.   He often tells me to go cook something because we have people to kill ah, a garden to plant, chicken coops to clean out, whatever project du jour we have happening...but I digress. 

The missions:

Meanwhile Abraham and Eugene head out on foot looking for, I am not sure what.  What they find is a closed up metal works place.  Eugene promptly tells Abraham that all he needs is lead and he can make bullets.  Their supply is low, the folks at Hilltop have nothing, they need bullets.   

At this point I look over at hunter hubs and say: "Oh hunter man with all the killing things knowledge, forgive me my ignorance but how is Eugene going to make bullets without gun powder.  Even with lead, would you not need gun powder?"   He informs me that yes, bullets do require gun powder.  I say: "I thought so.  Miranda Lambert sings a song called Gun Powder and Lead after all."  I certainly look to Miranda for guidance on these issues because really, who knows more about guns than Miranda?  She sings about them a lot.  Nobody does scorned woman better, actually.  It's got to be why Blake still talks to her. He is afraid.   Anyhow, this issue bothered me for an entire 2 minutes.  Seriously, where is this gun powder coming from?  Do they have a stash but no lead?  

This bothered me so much I almost missed the Abraham shitism of the day. Can I say Shit here?  Oh, wait it is my blog, so I guess I can. 

Eugene and Abraham have a bro fight after Abraham saved  helped Eugene kill a walker with a lead head.  No, really.   Eugene tells Abraham that he doesn't need him anymore.  He was just the muscle.  Abraham tells Eugene that he has as much chance surviving without him as he does picking up a turd by the clean end.  Oh Abraham, you have such colorful poop analogies.  First the dingle berry now the turd.  Abraham leaves Eugene.  Anyone else watch this thinking, this is so not good?

Meanwhile, Rosita, our resident doctor Denise, who is trying to prove something to herself, and Daryl head out looking for drugs.  Right now, I need drugs to forget the whole turd comment and to take my mind off the gun powder but I digress, again.  

While Denise tries to teach Daryl how to drive a stick shift, I think to myself, the guy grew up in the south in an obviously redneck family, with likely not a lot of money.  He was  hunting, fishing, and carrying a crossbow that he can load and fire faster than humanly possible.  How did he never have an old beat up stick shift pickup to drive?   I can't drive one but I am not a redneck.   Anyway, in the middle of their mission they come across a downed tree blocking the road.   Daryl and Rosita get out to investigate and based on the decaying walker under the tree they conclude it was a natural accident and not a set up so they take off on foot to find the apothecary.   They come to a railroad crossing and Rosita takes off down the tracks while Daryl and Denise go the long way because Daryl isn't taking the tracks.  It really isn't like Daryl to throw a fit over something like this so I am immediately clued in that these tracks are going to be bad news ahead.  Remember the last time our rowdy gang of misfits were walking tracks they ended up at Terminus.  

Everyone makes it to town okay and they proceed to break in and steal, hijack,  liberate a pharmacy full of medicine in their backpacks.    On the way back to Alexandria the trio decides to take the tracks back because it is shorter.  

I have a bad feeling about this.   

Along the way Denise manages to locate a soda for her girlfriend and kill her first walker.  It is a proud moment for me and I am thinking to myself as Denise starts lecturing Daryl and Rosita about how brave they are and how they inspire her, aw, Denise is growing up from her sheltered Alexandria roots.  I then think to myself, she is talking way too loudly and this is bad.  Just about that time, poor Denise finds Daryl's crossbow which he lost to Saviors several episodes back.  Well, she really just found an arrow, in her eye.   

Showdown time:

As Daryl and Rosita gun up and prepare to fight the bastards Saviors who just killed their only doctor, we see that Eugene has managed to get his butt captured.   A little cross talk happens between Daryl and Dwight, the Savior he let live in the woods,  who stole his crossbow and bike.   Yeah, this guy is dead.  DEAD I tell ya.   I would let him live out his days as a walker just because.  You do not mess with Daryl.   Dwight explains that he wasn't aiming for Denise, he was trying to hit Daryl but the crossbow is shooting a little high.  Daryl never has a problem hitting his target, Dwight.  I am just warning you here.   You are a dead man walking, buddy.  

About that time Eugene sees Abraham hiding behind some oil barrels.  In his infinite wisdom he tells the Saviors that his buddy is about to kill them.   I am smart enough to know at this point, Eugene knows that Abraham has moved on.   A shootout ensues.  Daryl is reunited with his crossbow. The Saviors, well some die, some run, including that asshat Dwight. Daryl wants to go after them but  Eugene is shot.  I am really concerned at this point.  Denise is dead.  She who managed to save Carl from a gunshot wound to the eye, is laying on those damn railroad tracks with Daryl's arrow in her eye, oh the irony here, Walking Dead writers, I see what you did there.   As the gang hauls Eugene back home we see one final shot of Denise laying dead on those stupid railroad tracks. 

Back at Alexandria:

Eugene was just grazed and thankfully they have the necessary medicine to prevent infection thanks to dear, departed Denise.  Next we see Daryl burying Denise.  I am thinking to myself, out loud, when did they go back and get her body?   Why would they risk it?  The Saviors knew where they killed her, surely.   There were only 3 of them and they were carrying Eugene out so who carried Denise?  Rosita?   

Abraham turns up on Sasha's doorstep and promptly says in his so colorful way something like, 'I am here to take you woman, let me in.'  She does. 

Carol leaves Tobias a dear Daryl letter, um Dear Tobias letter where she explains that she is a killer and doesn't want to be one anymore so she is leaving by herself and not to look for her.  Yeah, because Daryl and Rick are going to let THAT happen.  

Morgan is practicing with his big stick and he sees all the guns being loaded up and the group getting ready for war.   

Role Credits.   

What the hey Carol?  You can't leave Daryl!  You can't leave Alexandria.  Who is going to bake?

My ill feelings about the season finale which is now just one regular episode away became an overwhelming sickness after this episode.  I screamed when Denise took the shot to the eye.  My husband laughed at me.  For once, he watched it Sunday and I fell asleep.  That is usually the reverse.  He knew what was coming while I sat there in blissful ignorance.   

Two episodes left before and Negan shows up in the last one.    

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