Sunday, March 13, 2016

DIY Monday: Chair redo

After and before

So it is time for another DIY Monday and this week I added a chair to the desk I redid last week.


I had this chair (actually have 2) as leftovers from an old dining room table which is now my family room coffee table.   


Clearly my kiddo loves pink and especially any form of pink camo.  She actually has throw pillows in a similar pattern to the chair and her bed spread and shams are pink camo.  So are half her cloths so this fabric was a no brainer. 

Sexy Legs

Unlike the desk, I decided not to antique the chair.   I like that it is in the same General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint but isn't an exact match.   Obviously the chair is not a match to the desk either and sadly, doesn't fit under the desk but that's okay.   We have a plan for storing it right next to the desk. 

 All set up!
So that was my fun project this weekend.  The other project was putting in a little duck pond which required us digging a hole and then backfilling the pond area.  Our ducks are supposed to be in next week so expect some totally amazing photos of baby ducks!

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