Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Cleaning Blog Style

To Do List

For the last several weeks I have been working on cleaning up the blog.  Part of this has been going back through old posts, cleaning them up and deleting old pictures that didn't convert when I changed my blog address.   To be honest, there are way too many posts to complete this monumental task.  Today's blog is officially something like my 721st post. 

So instead I decided to clean up my Pinterest blog board and remove all posts that didn't work.   It was a shorter task but it reminded me of long forgotten post which are still out there but include things that are no longer relevant to my life.  Some good and some not so good. 

Including friends who aren't a part of my life and one ex romance that, thank the good lord, ended up preparing me to find the love of my life.   

The truth is this, these people were a part of my life for a relatively short period and they only mattered at the time.  The question becomes, should I delete the old posts all together?  I haven't figured out the answer yet.  I suppose if I were reading those posts now, I would laugh at the naive person I was just 5 short years ago.   I don't really know that woman anymore.   

Sometimes a trip down memory lane is necessary and some of those blogs are about people and friends who will always be a part of my life.  You can't delete who you were with the push of a button so I suppose, in their own right, the posts are relevant to me, if nobody else and I guess that answers the question about deleting.  Most of those posts are not a reflection of the blog today and most people don't go back that far.  For me, some are embarrassing and some are just sad. 

In the end, you can't run away from who you use to be.  That's all they really are now. That person is gone just like the  hurt is gone.  The people that use to be a part of my life and are not now, well, they don't matter.   You can even care about them, wish them the best, and still want nothing to do with them.  It is possible and they taught me that lesson.

So I haven't deleted them.  Maybe I will someday if I ever make the change from Blogger that every blog "how to" post says I have to make.   That is another decision for another day and energy and time I don't have.  For now, I will work on the future and making this blog better and not worry about the past.  Everyone has one. 

So what about you? Do you delete old posts that really don't matter anymore? 

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