Wednesday, March 30, 2016

F is for...

F is for Flowers. 

Spring is in full bloom in North Texas and my flower garden is starting to really take shape. (We have a spectate veggie garden in the back). 

It has been a challenge planting flowers the chickens don't see as dinner.  Even when they aren't interested in eating them they spend a lot of time digging in my garden and sometimes they dig around the flowers.  

Some of my plants were here when we bought the house but he flower beds are so large that it requires not only maintenance but planning as I increase the plantlife in an effort to create something akin to an English garden in Texas.  

Next year I plan to plant tulip bulbs.  Tulips are my favorite flower but they can be a challenge in the mild winters of Texas.  

Seeing the flowers always puts a smile on my face and while I am sure everyone doesn't appreciate the beauty the way o do, (hello hubby!), it is totally worth it.  In fact for Valentines Day I had my husband buy flowers I can plant instead of ones that die.  

The backyard has some well placed hanging pots to bring a little color and keep the tasty treats away from my little dinosaurs who want to eat them.   

This is the old bucket I rescued from our land in East Texas.  I love it!  It makes the perfect planter.  

I even added a few flowers to the onions hubs planted in my pot without my knowledge.  

And here is a picture of the front garden just 
As you can see I have a ton of potential.  If anyone can recommend any great chicken safe plants I am open for suggestions.  

What are your favorite flowers?  Do you have a flower garden?  

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