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This can't be headed anywhere good: TWD

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If you have been keeping up with The Walking Dead, congratulations.  It has been a wild ride and I am really afraid it is only going to get nastier as the last 3 shows of the season wind down and the horrible Negan finally shows up with his bat.  Batman anyone?

So far this season we have watched as the Alexandriaites freed a pit full of walkers.  Really, who didn't see that being a huge mistake?  I still have to ask myself, why didn't they just find some way of burning those damn walkers in the beginning?  Oh, wait, because if they did that, we would have missed about 6 episodes of the walkers trying to eat everyone in Alexandria and almost managing it.  No, we have to wait until Daryl sets a pond on fire before we can all breath again, seriously?   When the commotion was over and the bodies were counted, the walls had to be rebuilt. 

 Morgan showed back up and became the moral conscious of a show sadly lacking that role since Herschel passed.  (Can we please have a moment for Herschel who is still missed?)  Let's be honest, when Teddy Roosevelt said "Speak softly and carry a big stick" he was talking about Zen Master Morgan.  We even got an entire episode of how Morgan became sane again complete with an adorable Tabitha the goat who was mourned by legions of fans.  

Tabitha Source
The Wolves, Glenn, and Maggie:
The Wolves came, got their bottoms kicked and died.  We almost lost Glenn, who was under a trash dumpster for weeks.  We cried, we protested, we mourned, we tweeted about saving Glenn and Glenn lived, but for how long?  Poor Glenn has nearly died so many times this season that it is almost a forgone conclusion he isn't long for this world which is extra sad because Maggie is preggo and has finally decided (as of last week) that she just can't take chances anymore.   A big "Duh! Maggie"! I may or may not have said those words when she told Glenn she was done last week.  I really don't know what she was actually thinking.  Let's imagine a 9 month pregnant Maggie slashing walkers and shooting rouge humans.   I really never thought this was a good idea Maggie.   Think of baby Glenn Junior.

The Dearly Departed:
We lost Owen, Jessie, Ron, and Sam, and seriously Sam, you couldn't shut the heck up for like 20 minutes and be a man-baby?   Judith is better at staying quiet and that kid is still not walking.  (WHY TWD?  Why isn't Judith walking yet?)  Rick killed some dude named Ethan who probably deserved it but we only knew him about 17 seconds before his demise,  and poor Deanna died and  her Walker self later met a merciful end by her own son.  Shades of Lori and Carl come to mind, anyone? 

Carl was shot in the head and survived.  I mean this kid took a gun to  the face and he walked away.  Judith obviously is Shane's kid because that little bundle of cute hasn't aged in 3 season and have I mentioned nobody ever puts her down to WALK!  But Carl? He is no doubt Rick's boy. He can survive a point blank shot to the eye with just a really adorable, sure to make all the teen human girls swoon, patch that makes him a total bad ass now.  Anyone seeing his attitude starting to show?  I predict he is about to hit the terrible teens with full force. 

Carol, who let's face it, went a little cray-cray two seasons back when she started killing humans off, channeled her inner Betty Crocker when she moved to Alexandria and has managed to impress everyone with her beet cookie making ability...or something.  She is now starting to question herself and what she does.   Chips in the armor are starting to show.  Is this just further character development or is Morgan starting to reach her?  

Sex and tobacco: 
People started getting a little lot frisky.   Rick didn't waste any time hitting the sheets with Michonne after watching Jessie get ravaged by hungry walkers.  Let's face it though, that moment where Jesus comes out and runs into one-eyed Carl (how is he already walking...and Judith isn't?) and tells Carl he was waiting on his "Mom and Dad" to get dressed followed by the very awkward interaction between Rick and Carl over the whole, you are sleeping with Michonne moment....this is not a conversation teens really need to have with their father.  Carol is kissing someone who isn't Daryl.  I mean the entire time Carol is bringing Tobin pink beet and acorn cookies and calling him a jerk, you could just feel the tension.  I like Tobin.  He is sweet but he isn't Daryl.  Le Sigh.  And, exactly when did every character on this show start smoking?  Did they forget to show us the Marlborough truck rescue scene?  

Abraham became a total ass in about 35 seconds flat.  I swear to you if hubby turns to me and says one day that the reason he is with me is because he thought I was the last woman on earth and since he knows now, I am not, he is moving out.  Well, he will be moving out on a stretcher folks.   

Jesus and Hilltop:
And now the group has been to the Hilltop, met Jesus; who appears to be an American but is yet another Brit playing an American, because American actors are apparently really hard to find,  and declared war on the Survivors who they have little knowledge of, but based on the few we have come into contact with, are pretty much leeches and bullies.  In other words, the teens of our own world grown up and living in the world of TWD.

Daryl, sweet, sexy Daryl:
Daryl lost his bike and his crossbow.   There was a touching reunion with his bike 2 weeks ago but the crossbow is nowhere to be seen.   He and Carol are shared a tender moment at the end of last weeks episode, but Tobin is in his way. well Tobin and the fact that Daryl just does NOTHING to encourage Carol. 

Negan, the batman:
Negan is going to show up in the last episode and what we know is there is going to be some major blood shed.   I swear, I am going to cry for anyone killed except Abraham.  Abraham did the ginger race wrong and mister 'why are dingle berries brown' can bite his own dingle berry and nobody is going to care.   


Burning question remains:
*Will Daryl ever be reunited with his crossbow?
*Will Rick ever find out that Morgan is building a jail?
*Will Glenn survive?
*Will Maggie, in a fit of raging pregnancy hormones, tell Abraham he is an ass, because Maggie would.
*Will anyone ever teach Judith to walk?  Please someone put that baby down.
*Will Rick remember more than once every 6 episodes he even has a daughter?
*Will Jesus figure out that Rick and Michonne aren't husband and wife and start preaching the gospel to them?
*Will Carl....oh heck, with him, anything is possible, he is super Carl.
*Will Carol ever share these beet and acorn cookie recipes and are they gluten free?
*Will all these budding romances make our heroes weak?

Number one burning questions:

*Will this show ever make sense?  Like, I know logic and zombie TV shows may be asking for a lot but come on, every little group calls the walkers something else and NOBODY has thought to call them Zombies?  WHY?
*Why doesn't it bother anyone, but me, that Carl has almost graduated high school but Judith is still a baby?
*Has anyone on TWD ever actually shot a crossbow?  I have.  Let's just say there is no way Daryl, just no way.
and finally,
*Where are all the American actors anyway?  Did they, in fact, become walkers?  Did they just not want to eat Carol's cookies?   Are they secretly protesting the show because Tabitha was eaten?  Do we really just like the British more than ourselves?
(Disclaimer:  I adore every actor from GB on the show and bully to them for pulling off the accent!)

Alright people, what do you think of this season?  I will try to wrap up the last bit of season six when I am over the horror of whatever is about to happen.  I have seen so many interviews with cast members talking about how terrible it is that I am afraid to watch it.

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