Thursday, June 18, 2015

A dozen reasons

Today is my step daughters 12th B-day so to celebrate here are a dozen reasons I am glad she is in my life:

1. life is never quiet and that's not bad 

2. She always has a story and they are usually entertaining 

3. She corrects me when I'm wrong of course that's not often 

4. There is always watermelon with her around 

5. She laughs a lot 

6. She shows me how to fish better 

7. She helps me with the chickens 

8. She helps me with the laundry

9. She keeps her dad smiling 

10. She keeps me smiling 

11. She gives good hugs (when she wants to)

12. She and I have great chats 

Bonus she loves me and I love her Happy  Birthday baby Girl!

*I know how lucky I am to have a great kid.  I was a step kid and I was a pain in the behind.  I got super lucky.  Thanks for making my life easy, Kiddo. 

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