Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hey, It's OK Tuesday

Airing My Dirty Laundry

I am still dealing with a sick kid and the doctors are pretty much no help.  How frustrating is it when you have a child who wakes up in the middle of the night crying or getting sick and you have no idea how to help her?  

Okay so here is what is okay with me:

-I have had to work from home the last two days to keep track of the kiddo. She asked me to stay so what was I suppose to do?

-We lost one of our baby chicks yesterday and it makes me so sad. The only thing I can figure is that she got caught under her chicken sisters and was suffocated. I have checked on the remaining little ones repeatedly now making sure they are alright.  Paranoid? Maybe but it's okay. 

-The Texas Rangers are inducting Juan Gonzalez into their Hall of Fame.   In the past the team has been hesitant because Juan hasn't expressed a desire to return for the ceremony.   This year the club decided regardless of whether Juan shows up or not,  he was going to be inducted.   As a long time fan of this club, all I can say is, It's about time!  

-I didn't know until this morning who was even playing in the Stanley Cup much less that anyone had won.  

-I don't think I really understood how many roles a woman plays until I married.  I would kill for a weekend of doing nothing but watching movies and eating cereal.  I wouldn't trade my husband and kid for anything but sometimes I think I didn't really appreciate being single when I was.

-Speaking of that, I had a friend ask me to set them up with some of my friends then proceed to send me a list a mile long of what was acceptable.  I looked at my husband and said "I would not pass these qualifications.  Being lonely sucks but being lonely and picky as you know what is just too much."  I told my friend that I can't help.  I understand picky but many single people seem way too stuck on superficial or stupid things that don't matter like physical appearance, income, and geographically friendly locations.  Look, if you are perfect, you can afford to be THAT picky but if you aren't, take a hard look in the mirror, see yourself honestly, all the pimples, circles under your eyes,  grey hairs and wrinkles and  learn to love and accept your imperfections then find someone who thinks you are amazing just the way you are, warts and all, and try dating different people. You never know.  Someone outside your norm may end up treating you perfectly wonderful, loving you more than anyone but your mother, and accepting you while maybe, just maybe pushing you to new limits.  Hey, it could happen.  It happened to me and that is REALLY Okay.

-It's suppose to rain today and even though the lakes are flooded from the rain for the last 2 months, we have had 2 weeks of dry and I am okay with a little rain. Texas is hot in the summer!

-It seems to me like I am the ONLY person over 35 not running for President.  Can I ask you honestly, why would you want that job?  I mean I don't need a house that big and I certainly don't need the press watching me for weight gain, hair styles, and commenting on my lack of fashion sense.   (Remember when Hillary use to wear headbands when Bill ran?  No, okay you aren't old enough.  It was a MAJOR thing.)  It is REALLY okay that someone else gets that job.

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