Saturday, June 27, 2015

An open letter to the President of the United States

Dear President Obama: 

I can't speak for all Americans, only myself so I am going to tell you honestly how I feel.  I doubt you care but here it is.  

When you took office I was excited.  I was full of hope that this country was on the brink of exciting change.  I hoped you would usher in a new era of understanding and wisdom.  You sounded so right and you looked good, on paper.  You could bridge the gap between two cultures and bring understand.   You could be the one person who could see things from all sides.  You had policies I thought I agreed with. You sure do talk "pretty".  

What I have found in the time of your administration is that things have only gotten more muddled, more confused, and more frustrating.  There is no understanding.  There is no respect between the cultures only greater and greater division.  Friendships have become strained.  Relationships have been lost forever.  Cultures on both sides are being attacked on a daily basis.  Respect is lost.  It breaks my heart. 

The President of the United States should represent all people of the United States and instead you force your ideology down the throat of the American public and respect only those who agree with you.  You seem to bask in the division instead of trying to unite the country you say you love.  

This country faces huge obstacles from the outside and knowing this, you decide that a rainbow colored White House is the message you want to send the world.  I am all for equality of marriage however I also believe in respecting our national monuments.  You have alienate a large portion of your American citizens who are offended by this act as much as those offended by a flag flying over the capital of any state that should have been removed decades ago.  

I don't feel like you care about the majority of American citizens be they white, Hispanic, Indian, of Asian heritage or pretty much anyone who doesn't get you a sound bite on the nightly news.  Your policies are so divisive and you cater to an audience so exclusive, that in my opinion, it is tearing this country apart. 

In conclusion, I can only hope the next President is a strong and wise leader because I fear it will take years to fix the internal problems your administration has left.  History may not be kind to the Obama administration but America and the people of this country are stronger than any one President. The country will survive and somehow, some way, it will become stronger despite the division or because of it.  

God Bless you Mr. President.  I pray for wisdom for you daily.  

PS:  I was a life long member of the Democratic Party.  I prided myself in never having voted for a Repubican for President until 2012. You lost me. Probably forever. You have moved so far to the left there is nothing left for those of us in the middle. You can look in the mirror for that one.

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