Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why I am over Facebook


Yesterday I mentioned that I basically deleted my Facebook.   I still have an account but I deleted the app on my phone which is how I check Facebook.  Since I have a blog and furniture page, I am not deleting the whole thing...yet.  I still want to use the good side of Facebook to share but I just can't deal with the drama....never, ending, drama! 

The shock and confusion I have received about this decision from people in real life is almost humorous.  "How could you delete Facebook? Why?" 

The answer is simple.  I am so over Facebook it isn't funny.  The thing is this, when you know people in real life, you realize how FAKE their Facebook is.  So here are open letters to the people who drove me off Facebook.  This is directed at multiple people, not just a few.  

"My life is perfect" (this is a lot of people)! 
Now, I have never pretended to have a perfect marriage.  In fact, I have been honest in this blog about how the first 5 months of marriage was hard.  My hubs and I are fine now.  He is my best friend and my biggest supporter. Of course we fight...sometimes a lot but what do you want with two very stubborn people?  We love each other and we get over it. However,  I have friends who talk about their marriage like everything in life is perfect.   I have friends who act like their husband is Prince Charming.  Pleease!   We all know that nobody has a perfect life so cut out the rose colored glasses BS.   Oh and jeez, have you ever seen so many beautiful, perfect kids as on Fakebook? 

My religion is the only right one and the rest of you are going to hell:
Next up is the people who use Facebook as a way to try and "save" the human race.   See here is the thing, religion and faith are very personal subject matters and if you want to post a "God is good" photo, I am all for it but if you spend your whole time on Facebook trying to save everyone from the error of their ways, we have a problem.    I don't care if you do believe the end of the world is coming (sometimes that sounds ok by me), that doesn't mean I should read all your prophets  posts from Brother Brown or Dr. White or Rev. Black.  Pretty much, you sound like a lunatic to the rest of the world and even though your heart is in the right place, you go about doing your thing by attacking other faiths like Catholicism and Islam and that, my friend, is not very Christian of you. My point of view, from my personal faith is that there was one savior and you aren't Him.  See, nobody wants to read about religion.  Not even this paragraph! 

Next Politics.  
Look, I don't care.  I just don't care what you think about Obama be he great or rotten.   Nobody is changing their mind because a friend said this or that on Facebook. Nobody is not forming their own opinion and nobody has the truth.  Move along. 

Racism, Bigots, and Narrow Minded People:
The straw that broke the monkeys back. This is the one that made me finally just walk away from Facebook.  Ready?   The racists post.   I don't care what race it is, when you take a paint brush and portray every white person as a racist, that is being a racists.  You can give me all your "I am so beaten down by the injustice" speeches you want but let me tell you who is beaten down in reality, the people in the Middle East are beaten down.  The people in Africa living with Ebola...Beaten DOWN!  You have a safe home, air conditioning, designer cloths and you drive a Lexus.  Nobody is holding you back but your close minded, hate filled self.   If you want to blame me for all the problems in your life because I am white, you go right ahead but that won't solve your problem and your attitude just alienates the majority of good white people out there who really don't see skin color.  You should try living in our world but I doubt you are capable of not seeing skin color.  Let me be clear, I know racism still exists but I do not believe every single act by a white person that is against another race is because the person was white and further, there are bigots in every race.  You can't hold an entire group responsible for the actions of an individual. 

Moral Values:
Don't even get me started on the Bruce Jenner debate.  My God that got ugly.  Who cares? There are a lot more worthy people in the world to discuss than anyone in the Kardashian family.  Regardless of what she is trying to teach us.  

Things I am not mentioning:
Liars, cheaters, hurt feelings and people who use Facebook to scam other people.  I am seriously shocked at how adults can't act like adults on this particular form of Social Media.  It all goes back to respect and there is a decided lack of that.  

Nothing I have said in this blog is going to buy me friends but my true friends know my heart and honestly I am over the drama. I wanted to be part of the solution but instead these one sided points of view drew me in to the problem.  I can't fix my "friends" and frankly, I don't want to but I do expect respect for differing opinions and instead what I got was attacked for my (Catholic) faith, non-partisan politics, and desire to move past blaming an entire group for the actions of individuals. 

Okay, sorry about the rant but I have just had it.  I literally came home 2 days in the last week in such a state of frustration  and sadness over Facebook and my husband threatened to delete my Facebook, if I didn't.  He was right, it just isn't worth dealing with these crazy, messed up people.  I could either delete the people (which I have done) or delete the problem.   Bye-Bye Facebook!   

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