Friday, June 26, 2015

Love, Equality, and a Thanks to my Wedding Minister

My minister, My Friend,  Ben

I can't say I was shocked or surprised when the Supreme Court came down with their ruling today.  I can say I feel like it was about time.   See, I am very clear on this subject, it is none of my business who anyone loves, just like it is nobody's business who I love.  If you love me and my husband great, if you don't get out of my life, I don't need you.  Sorry but I am not sorry.  I am pretty sure that is the way every Gay and Lesbian couple feels.  They don't owe you an apology for their love.  They don't owe you an explanation. 

So let me tell you a little story, about a woman I know who is going to Hell for dating the man she eventually married.  That is what she was told by a 'friend' of hers.  She told the friend to hit the road and married her man anyway.  They have a pretty darn good marriage. They laugh a lot, argue a little, work hard and play well together.   They have a beautiful house, share his kid, her two dogs, hunting land and 22 chickens.   Okay, yes it is me. You caught me!  Do I care that I am going to Hell?  Well, honestly I don't think I am.  If I am, it isn't for marrying my husband, but I am pretty sure it was not God speaking through that person anyway. That person happens to be unbelievably arrogant, obnoxious, and ignorant at times and when it comes to my relationship, that was one of them.  Here is the thing, my salvation is between myself and God and thank GOD that is the way it is.  God knows I am not a perfect person but He also knows I am pretty good at heart, honest, and carrying when it comes down to it.  I try really hard to love His people, see the best in them even when there isn't much to see, including the ones I don't like or find incredible hypocrites. 

So why do I tell you all of that?  I was married by the most amazing, loving, wonderful man I have ever met who just happens to be in a long term relationship with his partner who, until today, he could not marry himself.   That all changed with the Supreme Court ruling and thankfully, for couples all over America love is now equal for everyone.  They don't owe anyone justification for their love and they probably don't care if anyone thinks they are going to Hell.   It is between them and God and only God gets to judge.  If God knows my friend the way I know him, he is going to see what a loving, wonderful, fun, happy, creature He made and He made him perfect just the way he is, Period.

I may also add that my friend, my minster, by everyone's account at my wedding,  knew more about what it took to create a lasting, loving, wonderful marriage than any straight minister anyone in the audience had ever heard and everyone adored him including my husband's friends who are total rednecks.   I still hear from our friends how it was the best wedding they have ever been too and I totally believe the ceremony, which was charming, full of love, humor, and happiness was the key.  You only get that from true love, both the love between my husband and myself and the love of my my friend who is an amazing person.  

I thank God for making Ben my neighbor when we lived in our old home and for him being able to marry my husband and myself.  I also thank God he didn't have hot pink hair in our wedding photos because he was at a festival the week before our wedding and he had to change his hair back the day before.  He is a really fun person, I told you! :) 

(Just an aside, I have several other friends this effects and I am equally happy for you!) 

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