Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday: Why chickens are better than people.

Chickens don't see feather color 

Welcome to my It's okay Tuesday post.  Today I am going to do things a little different.  You see, I realized that I like Chickens better than most people so I decided to explain why chickens are better and it's okay that I like them better.

Why Chickens are better than people:

-Chickens don't hate.  

-Chickens don't give a cluck.

-Chickens don't see feather color as an issue.  They either like the other chicken or they don't. They base it on how the other chicken treats them. 

-Chickens don't pretend to be friends with chickens and bad mouth them or make fun of them behind their back.

-Chickens work hard for a living.  They go out and get their own food.  They don't expect handouts. 

-Chickens give back. They eat bugs thus ridding your yard of terrible, ugly spiders and ants and all things bad.  They also produce eggs.  Eggs are protein for humans and delicious too.

-Chickens know the importance of a good nights rest after a long day of scouring the yard for bugs.

-Chickens know why they crossed the road but they don't feel like explaining themselves to humans and guess what?  They don't owe anyone an explaination. 

-Chickens have a pecking order and they know who is in charge. 

-Chickens are cautious.  They don't leave the hen house until it is safe and they know when it is safe.

-Chickens know who they can trust and who they can't and they stay away from anyone who is going to back stab them. 

-When a chicken plays a game with another chicken it is a sport not a mental game.  They don't feel the need to bad bock other chickens behind their back and they don't feel the need to make themselves feel more important than they are by stepping on other chickens.

-Chickens never, ever, ever say "Poor me.  Life has given me such a bum rap".   They simply go out and work their tail feathers off and make life better.  

-Chickens don't actually care about politics, religion, or race.  They are chickens and they all come from the same God.  That is all they need to know. 

-Chickens are the closest living relative to a T-Rex so they are pretty fierce.   

-Chickens don't make enemies out of friends.  They have enough enemies without turning on one another. They see a snake for a snake and a coyote for a coyote and they know to run. 

-Chickens have no opinion on other chickens love life, relationships, or life choices and chickens do not judge. 
Chickens work hard for a living

That my friends is why it's okay that I like chickens better than most people I know.  That is why I would rather play with my chickens than talk to some people.

 I am linking up with Amber for today's It's okay post.  I hope she doesn't mind too much that I semi-high jacked her hop. 
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