Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blog Update: It's Ok Thursday

It's ok people keep asking me what's wrong. My allergies are making me look like I have spent a lot of time crying because my eyes are so itchy, burning, watery, and puffy. This is not a good look but that's ok!

At least my sweater is cute!

It's ok that this made me laugh out loud! This reminds me of my sweet Penny.

It's ok that I still haven't finished my Christmas shopping. I ordered my mom something yesterday and I have half the kids done so I'm getting there. I have 12 days til Christmas.

It's ok that I miss my bike so very much I brought her in the house last night just so I could look at her.

It's ok that I have absolutely no plans for New Years Eve.

It's ok that I really want to spend a weekend in my PJ's with my DVR. This never happens but it is a nice dream.

It's ok that I still want this.

That's it! Short and sweet. What's ok with you??

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Rachel said...

I love your sweater!

My New Year's Eve plans might fall through, we should do something!

I can't even talk about my lack of Christmas shopping this year. It's bad!!

Katie said...

Ha-- I love that picture so much. And I plan on having a PJs and DVR day today. :)

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