Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tueaday Blog: Being Crafty

My grandmother tried to teach me to crotchet. I can do a chain with the best of them. When pressed I maybe able to do a single or double and possibly make a popcorn stitch but truth is, it never brought me the peace it brought her. She would sit there and just go to town with yarn and her hook while watching TV.

My mom tried to teach me to sew. In an emergency, I can make a pillow. This is a great skill to have if ever there is a throw pillow shortage. Never underestimate how difficult it is to finish that pillow. After all, you have to hide that closing stitch! I don't have the love for it that my mom has. Nothing about a needle and thread excites me.

I have a less refined passion. No, I am not talking about baseball or mountain biking for once. I like to craft. This is a non-specific skill because I can do anything from paint to make things with beads and wires to go crazy with hot glue. Lucky for me when I was a teen I worked at MJ Designs. I learned how to make bows and since I could already draw they stuck me in the Art Department where I learned about a bunch of different products. This has served me well over the years. I know what glue to use and what paint. I taught myself how to make rosaries. A good skill for a Catholic.

My current craft is making wreaths. Not just any wreaths, sports wreaths. Well, I am still Laura, after all!

So, I made a Longhorn wreath for me and a Notre Dame wreath for my mom for Christmas. This is a super simple project that anyone can do. All you need is a wreath.

I used a straw wreath:

Various ribbon of your choosing, a glue gun, acrylic paint, sealer, and whatever you choose to use to decorate your wreath.

I used footballs, wood letters, and key chains.

I used orange, white, and football ribbon for the Longhorn wreath.

I used blue, gold, and a blue/green plaid ribbon for the Irish wreath.

I love them both but the plaid ribbon on the Notre Dame wreath is so awesome that it is truly my favorite.

I may have a foam wreath and some baseball ribbon waiting for Christmas to pass so I can get started on my Rangers wreath.

What kind of crafts do you make? Do you give them as gifts?



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Katie said...

They look great! I wish I was more crafty, but I just do not have that gene.

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