Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blog Update: Life is amazing

I don't know why Tuesday was such a good day. Nothing major happened just a lot of nice little things that combined to reminded me how amazingly lucky I am.

First I remembered that sometimes the best choices you make are to cut ties with poison people. Eliminate all the negative people in your life. The people who made a habit of trying to lift themselves up by bringing you down. Those are what I like to think of as the hollow people. Usually somewhat attractive on the outside but empty people inside. The reason I bring this up is that sometimes even when those people are totally removed from your life they try spread their lies and bitterness. Silly people, don't they know that nobody cares about them? Nobody even misses them when they leave. People may even be glad. There's your reality check!

At lunch I went to pick up some supplements. I have been kind of stuck at my current weight give or take a few pounds for a few months and I was just looking for something to jump start my...everything during the holiday season when all you see is food. When I was at the store I was talking to someone and they asked how much I have lost. I said offhandedly "oh, total about 120 pounds." Truthfully, I don't think about it that way. The lady I was talking to was shocked and amazed and so happy for me that it reminded me to be proud of myself. I forget that sometimes.

I am totally loving my life. My friends are awesome. My bike rocks. My family is amazing. My dogs are sweet. My neighbors are the best. Things are good. Soon things are going to be great because 2013 will be the year that wishes and dreams come true. How do I know? The Mayans told me.

Happy Hump Day!
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