Monday, December 17, 2012

Mobile Monday: Friends, Family, Volleyball, and Bikes!


First let me say, Friday was hard for the nation and I was simply horrified by the events as I am sure everyone was. I have been praying for the families involved in the tragedy and will continue to do so.

Friday night I hung out with the girls at Chuy's and spent some quality time not talking about boys, bills, baseball or any other word that starts with B and isn't babies or beer. Trish and I went to her house after and we were spending a crazy night wrapping presents when I got a phone call from my friend Rachel. I am not going to go into what happened to her but I just want to say she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, she is totally awesome and if I ever meet the people involved, it is ON!
(I am pretty sure I speak for most of her friends!)


Saturday I got to spend time loving on my nieces and nephew. They baked cookies with Grandma while we watched volleyball.

Big Congrats to the Texas Longhorn ladies for winning the National Championship! The funniest part was me screaming at the TV and jumping up when they got to match point & pace! It's volleyball, y'all!


I just thought these fat boys were crazy! Biggest tires ever!

Sunday my Mom, the kids & I went to the bike shop where I got my bike, Bicycles Plus in Flower Mound (it happens to be right over by Northshore so I was feeling the pull!). They have the nicest people there. The sales guy spent about an hour helping me pick a clipless system and fitting me for shoes.

This is my clipless system. I had 3 choices (the most expensive ones were out!) and I liked this one for stability and the platform. The shoes were interesting. I ended up with men's shoes. Stupid high arches. I did not pick the most expensive ones but the shoes I did pick are a French company and they are a little more to start. Apparently the French know bikes. I suspected they may with that little race they have. I know the French know shoes! I would show you my shoes but they aren't in yet. I tried on roadies to get the fit. The mountain bike shoes are coming tomorrow. Besides, it isn't Christmas yet! I will have to act surprised! My poor mom is a good sport. I didn't realize she was getting me the clipless system and the shoes and she spent way too much. I will have to figure out a way to pay her back some.

We did a little shopping and I am happy to say I am almost done with Christmas although I did most of it on-line for the first time ever.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and hugged the people they love. Prayers for all those who lost folks this weekend and for my friend Rachel who I adore!

Much love,


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Rachel said...

Finally finding time to go back and read blog posts I missed during my break. Thank you for this sweet post. Love you lots my friend!!!

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