Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blog Update: What I'm Loving Wednesday Christmas and New Years 2013

Here is a roundup of what I am loving from the last week in pictures:

Playing dress up and looking girlie. Every once in a blue moon it is good to feel pretty!

Sometimes it is nice to feel a little cute too.

Wine. First I love my blue bubble glass glasses.

I also love my niece poking her head over my green glass on Christmas.

A white Christmas!!!

A house full of kids playing in snow.

Kids at Christmas are the best!

I don't know where my nephew was...he didn't come sit on my lap.

How excited my Mom was about the wreath I made her. She already knows where she is hanging it in the house for the National Championship!

My church. I love it!

Hot cocoa when it's cold.

Okay with all that in mind...the snow has made it impossible for me to ride and I am in desperate need of physical activity so I am starting my fitness plan for New Year 2013 in 2012. (I will update this later). Too much Christmas cheer has made me miserable so...healthy lifestyle restart button starts today! No more junk food and no more wine. It was fun while it lasted but so is being able to fit in my cloths!!!

One more thing: I am loving that I am broke until Friday. Sounds crazy but....I don't need to go shopping!

So, what are you loving?


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