Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Mobile: Oh Christmas Tree!

Saturday was a great day! I shopped. I had to. Most of my cloths that fit are summer cloths and although it was 82 this weekend, rumor has it, it is December. I had to buy some winter clothing which, I may never need, I guess.

Afterward I finally was able to ride!

This was seriously as happy as I have been in two weeks. I missed it so much! (I plan on riding Monday night).

Went to a fairly flat trail that's about 7 miles. I was so silly-happy to ride I didn't care!

Sunday it was time to finally put up the Christmas tree.

This is what it looked like when I started. This is an all day project for me. I have a lot of stuff. Surprised?

I may have decorated in my Longhorn Santa hat with my Notre Dame shirt and my Texas Rangers ear rings. Isn't this how everyone does it?

Here is the finished tree. It is hard to get a really good tree shot, isn't it? So, I decided to share some of my favorite ornaments. (Those are fake presents. Yes, I have fake presents for my tree.)

Do you remember the "Does this tree make me look fat?"penguin? That is it. I had to wait a year for Pier One to get that baby back in. It started a love affair with penguins, as you are about to see.

I also have a special soft spot for cardinals. No, not the St. Louis kind. (I hate those). The Indiana state bird kind.

Baseball, of course!

These little angels are so sweet!

And Jesus, who is after all, the reason.

I adore this set. (The Angel sconces are not part of it).

Finally, here is a look at my stockings. I have a normal set but I decided not to put them up this year. The Rangers one is obviously the oldest. I plan on replacing it and I need to order a Notre Dame stocking eventually or my mother will stop speaking to me.

There is much more but this gives you an idea of how Christmas goes at my little house. I don't do much on the outside. Climbing ladders really is not my thing.
(I may or may not be a little bit afraid of heights.)

So, I hope everyone has a great Christmas decorating experience & may you avoid the spiders in the garage!


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