Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Blog: Five Stages of Grief Rangers Style

Texas Rangers Fan Grief is running hard and strong lately! My friends are all about to jump off a ledge. We are all secretly afraid of the return of the team we all love but remember with dread.  The one that makes the Cowboys look good. Here is my grief:

Michael Young


mike napoli



Eventually there will come Acceptance and I am done with Bargaining.   If a player doesn't want to play for Texas, they are as dead to me as these players:
Mark-teixeira-ftr2Alex RodriguezC.J. Wilson pitches during the first inning against the Cleveland Indians.

Somehow, I really hope that Jon Daniels has some magic left in that old baseball bag of his.  The Rangers really need to find something this off season to make this season okay.  I keep reminding myself the Angels best player last season wasn't a big time free agent but a rookie. Who knows?
jon daniels2.jpg

Maybe there is hope already on the Rangers.
Jurickson Profar

But if Santa could see to it to bring the Rangers a starting pitcher, I promise to be a good girl in 2013.  Okay, well, I promise to try.


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