Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blog Update: The B Word

I'm not ignorant to the fact I am a tiny bit touchy lately. There are some valid reasons...excuses...whatever.

I keep thinking I am going to make a day without taking someone out. Truth is, that hasn't happened in over a week.

This is probably exactly right! If you respect me chances are I won't unleash on you. Probably.

I so need to buy a case of this and serve it for a party!

Honestly, I know I am the worlds biggest bitch at times. I am a red headed, Leo of Hungarian, German, and American Indian descent. If I wasn't a pain in the bottom something would be wrong.

I also know that I am worth the trouble! Someday, someone else will realize that too! Love your inner bitch ladies!


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Rachel said...

It's all gonna be okay!! :)


DoxieDoodle said...

I know! I just couldn't do an It's Ok today. I needed to unleash a little of the B-word! lol

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