Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's OK Thursday!! Blog UPDATE

Its Ok Thursdays

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I can't believe it is only Thursday!  I am so ready for a quiet weekend with a little biking and  a lot of nothing special to do.  I am exhausted!    So, let's get to it!

It's Ok:

-To write two blogs today.  I can't miss my It's OK link up and today is the 1 year Birthday of Simply Me...So I have to do something for that, Right?

-That what I really want  to mark the 1 year Birthday of my blog by doing something special but I didn't realize until last night what I really wanted to  do so it will be a delayed celebration because I have to figure out how to do it.

-That I am still not very technically blog savvy.  I know how to do the basics and since a lot (most) of what I post is from my phone, it is limited in capbilities. 

-That I realized yesterday during a Twitter conversation with a friend that sometimes what you are saying to someone else is as meaningful to yourself as it is the person you are talking to.

-That I keep saying I am going to learn to cut myself a break and stop judging myself but I struggle with this.

-That my keyboard at work is the most nasty thing ever.  Now the keys are sticking and I am secretly plotting a way to get a new one.   This is going to require a work order from IT and waiting....does anyone's IT department move quickly?  I think they minor in slow in college.

-That I have two mountain bike rides semi-planned for this weekend so I am hitting the gym hard tonight.  I am concentrating on building my leg strength back up which means elliptical, treadmill, and a cool down on a stationary bike.

-That I would love a good nights sleep.  Does anyone actually get one unless they are on vacation?

-That I want to go on a real vacation this year....but WHERE?  If you are totally in love with your city, let me know how great it is and I will put it on the list. (If you are dying for a house guest...throw that in!)

-That my diet has been total crap lately.  I am stess eating junk and this is BAD.  I am going to focus this weekend on cleaning the house and the diet!

-That someone told me yesterday what pretty kids my 'boyfriend' and I will have because he and I look so good together.  That's awesome!  Except we aren't dating.  (Despite the best nagging efforts of my current roomie and my boss)  It's not that we don't love each other, we do.   Just not THAT way.   I would be lucky however to meet a amazing guy like him to fall in-love with.  He is the best guy I know and one of the only ones that doesn't drive me totally insane.

-To love your dogs like crazy.  They make me laugh every day.

-To remind yourself when you are throwing a pity party how blessed you are.

-To also remind yourself that God has this and to stop trying to fix God and let Him fix you. 

-To really be really happy sometimes even though everything isn't going the way you planned.

-To remind yourself that there are reasons why things you want haven't worked out.  "There but for the Grace of God go I" has been dropped on me time and time again lately.

-To care about people who haven't earned it and to remain loyal to friends no matter how much they don't deserve it.

-To still believe in fairytales.  I have had conversations with two friends in the last day and both conversations have gone the way of "I just don't think I will ever find someone that loves me."  I go through that 'feeling unlovable' stuff too.  The thing is, deep down, I believe in Prince Charming.  I just wish Prince Charming would get his act together and hurry up!!!

-To really love being a simple woman.  I realized yesterday that nothing is as good as a good Tuna Sandwich or Grilled Cheese.  I love the fact that I can still find Peanut Butter amazing and that every once and a while I think a good meatloaf and Mac and Cheese or Hamburger and Fries is simply GRAND!

-To finally like the woman I am even with the flaws.  Give me a break, it as only taken 42 years!

That's what is OK with me.  What about you???


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Rachel said...

Great list!!

Your blog layout looks great!! :)

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