Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blog Update: The Facts of Me

Linking up with Whitney to share some silly facts about me today. (As if I don't do this on a daily basis).  So here goes:

-I love onions and would put them on cake if I could figure out the right way to do it. 

-I hate green peppers with a passion but I will eat yellow, red, and orange without thinking about it.  The green ones actually make me physically ill.  I can't eat anything they have touched.  Not even pizza. If there are green peppers in something, chances are I will taste them above everything else and will turn...green.

-I suspect my green pepper hate stems from a tragic well accident I had as a child while eating the offending vegetable.  I actually was stuck in a well cap for hours. (Minutes?).  Well my foot was anyway.  It looked a little like this only the opening was much smaller and my leg was attached to it, of course.

- I have a mad crush on this man....a female crush not a sports crush. I love his broad shoulders.  I am a sucker for broad shoulders.  I love that he is funny.  I love that he is obsessive about his game. This makes him incredibly hot.  He is my only blonde and I normally don't go for super skinny guys so he goes against my "type".  (What, you were expecting Ryan Gosling? )

-I would eat pizza or ice cream every day if I wouldn't gain weight.  I have the appetite of a 12 year old and get stuck in food ruts and will eat them all the time without tiring. 

-I love weird vegetables like brussel sprouts and cabbage.  I blame my German and Hungarian grandparents.

-If I ever get married, I want to honeymoon at one of two places.  Rome or Cooperstown.  They are the centers of my two religions so it seems only natural that I would celebrate the "OMG, I Finally found a nice guy" moment of my life there.

-I still believe in Prince Charming.  He may look like Dirk...but with brown hair, of course.

-I like being the loud and crazy friend. 

-I have a bunch of tapes of baseball and football events from the 1990's.  All-Star Games from 1990-1996, the first Opening Day at the Ballpark in Arlington, the First time the Rangers clinched the AL West in 1996 and Super Bowls 27 and 28.  Tapes, as in VHS.  *Don't ask.

-I would rather go to the mountains than the beach.

-Everything is better if it is Cherry flavored. 

-I don't eat beef aside from an occasional hamburger.  Steak gives me an upset stomach and I can't stand the way it gets caught in my teeth so if everyone at the table is ordering steak, I am the girl with grilled chicken or talapia.  I just prefer chicken to everything else.

-I cry...about everything.  I am sometimes shocked I don't walk around completely dehydrated.  I may have even been known to tear up at cotton commercials.  Yes, I am THAT girl.

-My DVD's may actually be organized based on who stars in them.  This takes hours to sort out.  Don't laugh at my issues.

-I have a thing about light switches.  They must all be going in the right direction before I go to bed or I can't sleep.

-I check the front door to make sure it is locked at least 3 times and I always lock it immediately.  The back door, I only check once. 

Well, that is enough odd facts about me, I guess.  Am I the only crazy one out there?



Brenna said...

MMMmm.. Nothing better than Cabbage Rolls! That has to come from my husbands Polish family cause my mom certainly did not raise me on cabbage (or any green veggies really)

Rachel said...

You can keep your Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Blek! :)

I was expecting Ryan Gosling...oh wait, this isn't my blog, no I wasn't! :)

I check my front door many times before going to bed as well (well, when I had my own place I did). I have noticed that I'll check your front door before going into my room. I'm weird about that too!


Katie said...

I HATE green peppers, but love Brussels sprouts!! I wish I could cook with onions, but Donny hates them. :(

DoxieDoodle said...

I think our tastes definately expand as we grow up but I totally love my veggies sometimes and sometimes I just want junk. Maybe that is just being female? LOL

DoxieDoodle said...

Haha! It is good to know that we are safe and protected. Besides, Sadie would lick anyone to death that tried to hurt us and Ries would throw down a giant whine fest!!! :)

DoxieDoodle said...

I think it is very kind of you to have married Donny even though he hates onions. I used to think that he was making the sacrafice, marrying a Yankee fan but the more I get to know you, I realize it is you who sacrificed most. LOL Just kidding, you all are adorable. I would have to make some with and without though. I can't live without my onions!

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