Monday, January 14, 2013

Mobile Monday:blog Update

Friday we went to the movies and for some reason I took a picture so here ya movie outfit. Ooohh! Aaaaahhh!

Saturday it rained so you know that meant no biking. Boo!

Again I took a picture of my outfit before I went out...I am kind of pathetic! Went to dinner with Rachel and Chance and came back to my house and just hung out. We had a BLAST and I can't express enough how I love these people and am so lucky and grateful to have them in my life!

Chance had a Cowboy cap on and Rachel was carrying her Cowboy purse so the waiter naturally assumed they are a couple! LOL.

So that left me the 3rd wheel and I drowned my pain and sorrow in beeritas.

I'm not really sure what is happening here but I think Chance is letting Rachel down easy!

From the look on her face, I am not sure it worked!

Sunday I hung out at the house mostly with the dogs and Rachel(not pictured).

I found an app and it says he loves me! I'm very excited about that. Well, I would be but I have absolutely no clue who he is!


Happy Monday!!

I will give you one guess where I am going tonight. (In a T-shirt 2 sizes too big because that's all I have.)

<3 Simply,

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Rachel said...

Great pictures! If only I was blonde and 21, Chance wouldn't have had to let me down. HA HA! :) Those pictures make me laugh so hard. I love you friend, blessed to have you in my life!


Katie said...

Haha-- that "he loves me" app is hilarious!! And hope you had fun at the game!! :)

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