Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blog Update: Mobile Sunday??

I have taken so many pictures this weekend and my Monday blog is going to be the return of Mountain Bike Monday so I decided to do a Sunday morning blog for a change.

Friday night started with me telling Josh Hamilton what my favorite plans are for the weekend. For those who don't know last year Hamilton "fell off the wagon" and had a few drinks one night at a local bar, Sherlocks. Allegedly he may have had some personal encounter of the female kind in the bathroom that night also. I'm bad, I know. I couldn't resist because we were actually going to Sherlocks Saturday so it was the truth and...he asked!

Friday night was girls night #1 with Khrystal, Rachel and me. Have I mentioned Picibooth in my blog? No?? I am obsessed with this app. Actually, I told my friend Rachel about it and she is now obsessed too. We may or may not take pictures of ourselves for fun...but I digress.

We started with dinner and later we watched movies. It was a Ryan Gosling kind of night so we watched

None of us had seen this movie or ever heard of it before I wrote my blog Friday and we are all in love with this now. It is so funny! If you haven't seen it, you must. Try and find a used copy for $5.99 at the Movie Trading Company. It is worth it.

Later Friday Brandon came over. My dogs are in love.

Especially Sadie!

She may actually be obsessed. We figured out that she prefers Longhorn fans to Aggies. My guy friends who have come over and are Longhorns, she adores. My friend Chance who is an Aggie...she barked at. I swear this was not something I trained her to do...but it is funny.

Early Saturday was Mountain Biking and I will cover that in Monday's blog.

Later we went car shopping. Check out my friend Rachel's blog for why: Randomness With Rachel

I couldn't convince Rachel who is taller than I am (I am 5'6 1/2) that she needed to buy this pretty Smart car. Who puts roses on a car? Really??

Later at another dealer I fell in love!

This is my favorite color and somehow on this Jeep, I love it! Alas, there isn't enough room for Skye so I would have to get a Bike rack. Boo!

Car shopping was fun. Every dealer we talked to at the used lots were really nice and named Bill?

While I was walking around the Jeep dealership I may just have managed to get two of the salesmen to fight over me. That was so funny since I told them I was not buying a car like 100 times. That's okay, I got strong arm hugs and back rubs out of it plus if I ever want a new Jeep, I have my pick of salesmen!

Saturday night was more fun at Sherlocks in Addison.

Rachel and I were looking pretty cute.

My friend Lori who I met through the DORBA Wheel Women Tour was the one who suggested the get together at Sherlocks.

We had a great time!

There was a live band playing 70's and 80's music.

A little of this. Some food. (biking made me so freaking hungry after and sore!) I had never been to Sherlocks before but I really like it. In fact, we are planning on hitting the Arlington one up next weekend!

On the way home Rachel and I decided the amount of crazy the two of us are together just may not be good for the Universe so, if the Earth suddenly changes it's was probably all the fun we have been having together and with all of our other friends!

It's been a great weekend so far. Exhausting. Today I may just relax at home, watch movies, do laundry and veg. I may also end up back at Northshore. We will see.

Happy Sunday!


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Rachel said...

I love how we use so many of the same pictures on our blogs!! :) I love the pics of Brandon and Sadie- so sweet!! :)

DoxieDoodle said...

haha....I know the blogs looked quite similar. Brandon has a friend for life now!

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