Friday, January 25, 2013

Fitness Friday

Linking up with Noel today for her FIRST Fitness Friday!!!

If you follow me, you know I have been doing some version of Fitness Friday on a random basis in the past.
When Noel asked me to join her blog hop I thought this was a perfect way to make me be more accountable.

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Y'all know the last couple of weeks that I have been struggling a little or a lot with getting rest.  That is slowly improving.  I also have good and bad days on the Eat Right part.  I am geting activity, especially on the weekends but I am 2 days shy of getting 'enough'.  In other words, I need to focus on fitness and focus on being kind to myself.

This is the exact truth!  I have had several bad days in the last few weeks but I have also had a lot of great days.  It is just a matter of becoming more focused on myself and taking care of me.  It will come.  I know I am not perfect and I am allowing myself a few minutes.  Minutes, not hours or days to just have some fun.  Not too much and not too extreme. Extreme makes you make poor decisions and not be accountable.  I don't want to wake up one morning and find myself in a postion I can't get out of because I made one bad choice.

I posted pictures a couple times in the past but for the new folks, I will do it one more time.  The first picture is me at my brother's wedding at 27.  The second picture is me after making it to work this morning, at 42.

I still have a little ways to go but I am actually good with where I am.  If I never get smaller than a size 14 for the rest of my life, I will be the healthiest 14 I can be.  That's a long way from a 26 and while I would love to be a 10...8...I will be okay learing to accept me.  Because, is now all about having fun.

That doesn't mean accepting less or telling myself I can't.  I already have made huge strides and I will continue to force myself out of my box.  That is what Mountain Biking is all about.  Proving to myself, I can do anything.  That is what the indoor rock climbing I signed up for last week is for.  I am afraid of heights so I am going to climb and fall off walls.  Winning!

My opinion of fitness has changed over the years.  It has gone from being skinny to being healthy both physically and mentally.  My struggles with eating and bulimia are always going to be part of who I am but they don't have to define my very existence.  I am more than the size on my dress or the weight on my scale and I am just now starting to appreciate that person.  . 

Respect yourself...

Maybe it is the new haircut.  Maybe it is surrounding myself with people who tell me how beautiful I am on the inside and the out.  Maybe it is realizing that I deserve to be loved by someone who respects me and treats me right. All of that has made me so much stronger and happier than I have been in a long time. Respecting myself and loving me has been my biggest struggle. So I am focusing on mental fitness and physical fitness in 2013. I am done putting pressure on myself to conform to anyone else's definition of me. I define me.   

Happy Friday!  My fitness today may include Mountain Biking if the weather gets a little better if not, it will include a Pedicure and some much needed "Friend time" at a sports bar because having "Friend Time" is important!  All my love and best wishes!

Enjoy the RIDE!!!


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Mandi, the Sassy Fit Mom said...

This post is full of great quotes-- I will have to save some of them! Like you I'm not only interested in physical fitness but as well as staying emotionally and mentally fit. Like the above quote says our mind is our greatest opponent.

Visiting you via the Fitness Friday blog link :)


DoxieDoodle said...

Thanks so much and I totally agree and believe that being emotionally fit is where it starts.

Noel Marie said...

Wowza!! This post was so honest and inspirational!! You should be so proud of how far you've come. I think that it is a constant struggle for women in this society, no matter what size they are, to be obsessed with that number in their jeans or on the scale. I know I am guilty of it, but I'm also aware of it and making strides to change that before my daughter is old enough to imitate those traits.

Thanks for linking up, I can't wait to see what next week's post will bring!

Brenna said...

I think you have a great outlook- be the healthiest version of you! I love that you have gone from a 26 to a 14- you should be proud!

Allison said...

Saw your blog through the Fitness Friday linkup! I'm so encouraged by how positive you are about getting fit! It's so rare anymore to have anyone be anything but negative when it comes to discussing weightloss. I look forward to following along!

DoxieDoodle said...

Thanks so much for inviting me! It was super fun!

DoxieDoodle said...

Aw, thank you. I love the positive response!

DoxieDoodle said...

Thanks Allison. I spent a lot of years beating myself up and that never worked so staying positive is keeping me sane!

beckyj @ A Lazy Crazy Life said...

Stopping by from Noel's blog hop, and I agree with other comments, your outlook is inspiring! I love that quote about how your mind is your greatest opponent. So very true!

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