Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blog Update: It's Ok Thursday!

Linking up with Amber  and Neely for It's OK Thursday!

-To plan your guest list for your talk show (you don't have) and it be filled with hotties.

-To plan to go to bed early but spend the night texting friends, searching Pinterest, and harassing Siri.

-To ask Siri over and over to tell you a story until she finally does. Siri can be stubborn but she doesn't have red hair so I won. It was worth the wait. (Even if I did have to look up ELIZA to figure out who 'she' was.)

-To realize you are old enough to have mothered the girls your 29 year old friends dates.

-To keep planning on cleaning out the fridge and keep forgetting. I am pretty sure there is stuff in there from 2005.

-To eat too many cookies and have pizza for dinner. Sometimes it just is what it is.

-To wake up tired. I don't know how to sleep well anymore without medication.

-To realize you have had your children's name picked out for 20 years and you have no children.

-To think you may not be too old to have kids but you might be too selfish. I'm not sure I want to give up my weekends at the trail, summers at the Ballpark, and time spent with friends.

-To know even as I typed the last paragraph I would give it all up in a heartbeat to have a little girl.

-To know you want a daughter not a son. Girls are sweet and cuddly and boys are well, little men.

-To eat peanut butter out of a jar all the time.  I don't know what it is about peanut butter but I love it.

-To really need to plan a vacation somewhere this year that is somewhere I want to go and not just somewhere that I have to go.

-To need a haircut and a pedicure so bad that you actually know why nobody wants to date you right now.  I am a hot mess.  At lease I am hot.  (Hair is getting cut tonight and pedi's are in the plan for this weekend.

-To really wish I could find this option on my iPhone!

-To have purchased a personalized, insulated, dish carrier even though I never plan on ever hosting another tailgate again.  This could come in handy, right?

-To already have a "To-Do" list so long for the weekend that you need a weekend to get over the weekend.

-To think that besides hanging out with friends and doing laundry half that list is probably going to be on next weekend's "To-Do" list too.

-To really love spending time with your friends because you have the coolest friends. On the planet earth!

-To know that I have the cutest dogs in the world.  Your dogs may be awesome but mine, are cuter and so annoyingly funny it is adorable. (I am sure I am just a little bias.)

-To be taping Katie Couric today even though you didn't know Katie Couric had a talk show until yesterday.

-To have a good feeling about 2013!  I can't wait for warm days on the trail and sunny days at Rangers Ballpark this year.  I can't wait to get through a baseball game without being mad at someone.  This is going to be a great year full of exciting new adventures and I am completely ready to just have fun and ENJOY the RIDE!

-To be silly excited tonight is "Date Night with Ian" and I am getting my hair done just in time!  He is so stinking hot!

That's what is OK with me today.  What's ok with you?

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Noel Marie said...

Heyyy I'm your newest follower, loved your it's okays...reeled me right in!! I have siri on my ipad but she's more annoying than anything so I leave her alone!

swing by and follow back if you'd like, love making new pals! Plus...I'm hosting my first blog hop tomorrow and I'd love for you to link up and follow along! Great way to get new followers!

DoxieDoodle said...

Thanks so much! I am following your blog now and I can't wait to see what you have in store tomorrow! Thanks for the invite!

Enjoying the Epiphany said...

Way to be positive! I found you on It's ok Thursday and am your newest follower. I was hopin' that you'd hop on by my blog, stay a while, and follow back if you like it!!

Have a lovely day,

DoxieDoodle said...

Thanks for the follow and I read your blog, great job. I followed back! :)

Heather Marie said...

Hah! loved the comment about the staying up late with your phone... totoally do this!! new follower :)

Micah said...

Plan a vacation to Iowa!! We can go see the Field of Dreams, and something else baseball related. :)

My "drunk setting" is handing the phone to my BFF.

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