Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Biting your tongue: The things you WANT to say!

There are things I really want to say that I don't. Don't get me wrong, I have said way too much at times and I have also said nothing at all. However, there is this amazing thing called class and I have some, so I don't tell everyone what I really think of them.

Luckily for me, E-cards say all the things I don't! I love these things even though they cuss more than a drunk sailor and drop the F-Bomb about 50% more than I actually do. So today, I thought I would take a minute and share what I would say, never thought of saying but it's funny, and probably would never actually say but I may feel on occasion.

I have come to believe there are a lot of people who don't live in reality and lucky me, I get to deal with then all the time!

I have a person or two in mind for this one.  They live in their own world and it's a constand Pity Party!

This one would be me if I actually said what I think. Some folk's don't know how good they have it until it is too late and then they complain constantly because they lost it!  Sorry, not sorry!

I gave up trying to make my friends happy and decided I am just going to be me.

Amen! Amen! Amen!  But I like working out too so you know....whatevs!


I have been saying something like this forever! Nobody seems to have common sense anymore.

Haha!  I shut up when I have nothing nice to say.  My mama taught me well!

This card is so exactly my relationship. I love him more everyday but there is always one hour a week where he drives me NUTS!

This goes back to people knowing when to shut up.  Some people I deal with think the world revolves around the.  Not true,  Nobody owes you anything and when you push me, you are NOT going to like what you get! I am a ginger with an attitude, after all!

I sent this one to my honey! Lol

This made me laugh!!

Crazy in a good way!  I am fun but don't push me into a corner because I will tell you what I really think!

This is such a passive aggressive move. I just ignore the petty crap like that and move on. I have lost a lot of friends in my life and what I learned is the real ones don't leave. They also don't pull silly moves like "unfriending" you.

Okay so that's it for today. What did I get away with, 1 F-bomb? Not too bad!

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