Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thursday: Throwback, Thoughts, & being Thankful

Poor Thursday, nobody really loves you except to bring Friday on.

Then there is the throwback thing. Okay, I give up.

This is me circa 2000?

My dogs Nikki and Penny who are my angels in heaven now Circa 2008.

And of course Ries and Sadie throwing all the way back to...last Thursday!

-Am I the only one who, when sick, wants to be left alone but checked on when I feel like it?

Tuesday I was in the middle of a terrible asthma attack that lasted nearly 10 hours and at one point I told the BF to leave me be. I don't need to be taken care of. I have done it myself forever. Then about 3 hours later when I was sure my lungs were about to collapse and he was sleeping, I was sad because he was asleep! I know, I know! Women are crazy.
To be fair, he did check on me & he is sweet in putting up with my totally irrational behavior over the last 24 hours.

-Opening Day is less than 2 weeks away and I am not ready! I feel like I have been pulled in 73 directions and I don't know how to get excited for baseball season. Of course I am going. I am, if the tickets ever show up! It won't take much for me to be ready, either. The minute I head out to Rangers Ballpark, it's over!

-Trying to sell a house and find a new house is so much more complicated than I thought it would be. Why can't my house just find a way to be done and sold at the same moment a perfect house shows up?

-How many times can Apple possibly update my iPhone in a year and when will the iPhone 6 come out because I need more storage!

-It never ceases to amaze me how selfish and self centered some people can be while there is a world of people who give everything they have and are for others.

-When I am sick I have the strangest dreams! I was giving birth in one, on my living room couch, no less. The baby I gave birth to was probably a 2 year old. I mean...what IS that? Oh, I have been reading the Divergent series too so there was another dream about war, civil unrest, and me being Rambo! Never gonna happen.


-Of course I am thankful for my Guy who is also my BFF, my family, and some awesome friends who have been there for me though thick and thin.

-I am always thankful for everyone who bothers to read this blog.

-My dogs who guard me and watch over me like good protectors. Especially when I am alone and the man is fishing or hunting.

-My job because it makes everything in my life easier to pay for! ;-)

-Brave men and women who serve and protect!

This rescue inhaler because I don't think I would be alive today to write this blog without it.

-Dreams of the future because no matter how far fetched the dreams seem, they give me a reason to get up every morning.

-Learning to let go of mistakes and unattainable dreams from the past because sometimes you have to wake up to the fact that yesterday isn't coming back and make the most of today! That doesn't mean the past doesn't matter but you simply can't live there.

-A future project that I am just starting to map out after years of putting it in the impossible folder on my laptop. I will share it when it becomes a reality.

-Mostly I am thankful for loving and being loved. Something I never truly felt until the last 3 1/2 months. Being loved unconditionally, no matter how unreasonable you are being. Being secure in that love enough to know that you can be grumpy or sick or PMSing (sometimes). Having quiet moments when you know that everything is good no matter how stressed you feel or who is trying to cause problems. They fail but there is always someone who wants to cause problems and take away your happy.

-Finally, I am thankful for fresh fish and the amazing fish tacos that come from fresh fish and my man catching a bunch more this weekend because a full freezer is a happy home.

Sorry this blog is so scattered. Blame the meds! Happy Thursday!!

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