Thursday, March 13, 2014

Facts, Fiction and more about Ginger Jealousy-Say WHAT?!

Being a ginger is tough. Being a natural redhead is a gift. Still, you hear and are asked some FUNNY stuff so I thought I would take a minute to go through some of the facts and fantasy.

We are a dying breed:

The "experts" suggest that this is true basically because red hair isn't a desired trait. I don't know who these experts are but clearly they don't get that about half of Hollywood pays good money to be a "natural redhead". Whatever the future holds, I can't imagine there won't be redheads in it!

I know everyone doesn't actually like being a redhead but personally having been a dyed Brunette and a Dyed Blonde and fighting to get my natural red back (I will never dye again) I can tell you that I LOVE my hair and feel very unnatural as anything but a redhead.

My hair dresser laughed when I told her how many people ask me that. "Honey, I can't give you this color from a bottle. Only God creates this!"

Haha! True. All of it.

This is true! I have awakened more times under sedation than I care to remember! It's to the point when I had my last two surgeries I warned them, use the good stuff cause I am hard to keep under! As for the pain tolerance, if I say I am hurting it is the kind of hurt that makes the rest of you cry.

There are many rumors about us not having a soul. I feel like this is an inaccurate bias but I can't be sure!

I find redheads to be some of the most unique and beautiful women around. Sorry, not sorry!

I guess if you see me after death you will know that this is fact.

I am not easy. This is true. There are a lot of Ginger rumors and when one particular one comes up and I am asked...well let's just say I have never dated a redhead so I don't know.

As I have grown older it takes a lot more to make me angry and I have a unique tolerance for kids and dogs but if an adult pushes me, eventually I will push back and World War 3 is possible.

I buy a new bottle every spring before Rangers season starts!

I have to admit, I am pretty tame when it comes to being wild but I have been known to tell people I am a red headed, German and Hungarian Leo with a bit of American Indian thrown in for kicks so watch out!

*Blushing and boy do we blush!

Lucy wasn't a natural ginger but she OWNED it so I give her a pass!

Again...we may have anger management issues.

Always with the no soul thing!

We are pretty sly.

No comment!

True and False:

-We are just normal people with some unique genes.

-We may or may not have a temper.

-We don't have a secret handshake, club, or society planning to take over the world. We are only 2% of it, granted the best 2%, but how could we win?

-You probably would do well not to make a ginger mad.

-"The rumor" about us being wild....probably true.

-Just because we are wild does not mean we want to be wild with you or be asked if we are by you!

-We don't all have a ton of freckles on our face and chest. In fact, most of my freckles came from one 2nd degree sunburn when I was 18 and I earned and love them!

-There actually are some pretty hot Ginger men. Take Prince Harry for example.


-I don't believe most of us secretly hate our hair. I love it and would have loved to have a little girl with red curls!

-Being a redhead is as much a state of mind as a hair color.

-I really hate when a guy says "Blonde or Brunette?" I have been know to remind people there are a lot of colors besides those two (very boring in my opinion) hair colors!

-All natural gingers do not have Blue Eyes! Blue IS after all a recessive trait. I happen to have Hazel Eyes. Here is a fact for you, I have never dated anyone with blue eyes and I used to think my eyes were boring until I started seeing a man with hazel eyes and I love the way they are never exactly the same color. In fact, he calls my eyes green. Ok, so eye color is another blog...

-I have never faced any ginger hate. In fact it has been the opposite. People have made a big deal over my hair since I was little. I think it is much harder for a Redheaded boy but I also think the Ginger Hate thing is a newer twist. Oh, and you better believe if I EVER see a ginger kid getting picked on by a blonde or brunette I WILL give the kid a piece of my mind.

-Redheads need sunscreen and a big floppy hat!

So what have we learned? Redheads are normal people with fair skin, some freckles, a temper, and a wild side that none of is will ever elaborate on! Aside from that, you will have to wait until we die to find out the truth! See you on Heaven someday, or if I have been a really bad ginger, maybe not! ;-)

Hug a ginger....if you dare!



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AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Awesome. My husband has always loved redheads.

BNM said...

I had no clue what a ginger was until recently I kept hearing it and I was like WTF! lol I have brown hair but I swear I have all those traits..but if the sun is shining just right my hair has a red tint to it. I think red hair is beautiful rock it girlfriend!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Ah, a man with great taste! He married you & likes redheads! :-)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks! I think Gingers is a pretty recent term. You can be an honorary redhead! Look out world!

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

haha I love this! I'm a weird redhead. The hair on my head is red, but my eyebrows are black/darkbrown. Maybe it's the 1/4 irish 1/4 mexican that's getting confused

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Oh, all gingers are a little weird anyway. That's what make us special. I think that is why you and I get along so well..we are spicy girls! lol

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