Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Twitter Tuesday: Who, What, When, and How? Nobody knows Why!

I was talking to a friend recently about how people think they get to police what you put on Facebook and Twitter. If you don't like what I post, unfollow. I tend to rant a little at times. As far as my Facebook, that tends to be my way of communicating with a few friends so I have edited the settings so most of the people are acquaintances and therefore aren't included in my "over sharing". I forget sometimes that I am not just talking to some close friends or family but some people I barely know who I just happened to cross paths with. Anyway, that conversation started me on my Twitter Tuesday where you can share in my thoughts on baseball and current events. What an enormous thrill. (Yes, I may be a little lacking in blog ideas right now.)

I Tweet sports. A lot.

Twitter Rangers Nation has been a little upset over all the injuries.

Random Rant:


Ginger love

More baseball, sports and TV

Come on, who doesn't love Daryl?

Things that just confuse me!

Russia has been at the center of a lot of my rants lately!


More Current Events


Messages of encouragement, love, or just food!

Alrighty there ya go! The best (?) of Twitter lately. Happy Tuesday. I am stuck in meetings for the next 4 days so....pray!

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