Thursday, March 27, 2014

Never do it today!

I suffer from a disease. It's called idontwanttoitis better known as procrastination.

I can manage to get 99 things done at work but the minute 5 o'clock comes I want to go home, relax, and read a book or watch TV. This drives my significant other nuts because he comes home and wants to work on everything in the house until it's done then start again tomorrow doing it all over again. I'm serious, my kitchen has never been so clean for so long.

It sounds like the perfect storm doesn't it? To be fair, there are many most days, when I am mentally drained. I have 6 employees who report to me, my director to keep happy and the VP. Not to mention a slew of angry people who had accidents and suffer from iwantthisnowitis.

To be honest, most nights I come home and just can't think. So, like any warm out member of middle management I put off until the weekend!

Except that we are always running on the weekend and sometimes I just want to do nothing. Nothing only happens when I get sick.

So what am I procrastinating? Well, I have cleaned out two closets halfway. Now a normal person would have cleaned out one closet completely and moved to the next but that would be boring!

Even when I clean I do it in bursts. I will start in the bathroom then have to take something to the bedroom where I see a towel that belongs in the kitchen so I take the towel back and then I notice the floors are a mess so I start to clean them and before you know it, I have forgotten about the bathroom!

I clean in a very ADHD manner! I am lucky if I can even remember what I was doing when I walk from the kitchen to the bathroom to brush my teeth! I wish I were kidding.

Oh and Friday! Friday comes and I just don't want to do anything! It's like Friday has some mythical power drain. I will be sitting in my office thinking "I wish I were shopping!" I mean, after a long work week Friday is just a constant countdown to the weekend and hoping to find time to sleep!

Working out is another thing I procrastinate! Don't get me wrong, when I am on a roll, nobody is better at working out but I haven't been on a roll for a long time. I have this plan. I will walk until I get my leg strength up to mountain bike again but the bike needs to go to the bike shop and have a check-up and I never stick it in the Jeep and I forget to walk. How does one forget? Well, it's too cold or it's raining or I get home and I'm tired and there is a honey-do list. In a complete role reversal, I have the honey-do list instead of him.

Now, all of this sounds kind of lazy but I am not really lazy. Am I? I just want to do what I want to do and usually that isn't cleaning closets, redoing the bathroom floor and getting the garage cleaned out.

Well, I have put off getting ready for work long enough this morning. Time to get my face on and deal with Thursday!

So, do you procrastinate? What is your biggest challenge?

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