Sunday, March 9, 2014

Living with migraines.

If you live with migraine headaches then you know what a nightmare feels like.

I have been living with them for about 8 years and nobody understands the struggle with carrying on your daily life when little people are drilling behind one side if your head. My headaches come in clusters meaning when they start I have daily pain for usually weeks at a time and sometimes months.

I have managed to go about my daily life, trying to make the best of a bad situation. I turn the light off in my office to make the pain a little better. I take pain meds trying to control it. Computer work is my livelihood and that is hard on a migraine. Finding a way to cope is about all I hope for. The pain doesn't stop but life has to go on.

When I first started getting migraines I gave in to the pain and would spend a day or two in bed trying to get better. I woke up one Saturday and realized my life had to go on like normal even though I was fighting pain. I had two choices, give in or move on like nothing was wrong. It is very rare that I give in to the pain now, even though I want to. Still, if you know me, when I am in pain, it is obvious. Luckily, I was blessed with a high pain threshold. So much so that the two surgeries I have had have seen me rebound in hours or days when it takes most people weeks or months to recover from them. I say this only to explain that I don't complain about minor pain. Migraines can whip me out. I get tired more easily. I sleep more. I am grumpier and my fuse becomes shorter.

Dark rooms, ice, and acetaminophen all seem to help a little. I have learned not to eat yogurt when I am in a cluster because it seems to make it worse. I stay away from lunch meat. I drink coffee trying to help. I have heard ginger may help but haven't tried it. I have taken Prescription medication with little real success, probably because I have an aversion to taking daily medication and don't really like to be reliant on medication.

There is no cure for migraines. I would love to hear from people who suffer with migraines and find out how you cope with the pain or reduce your migraines through diet.

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