Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rangers: It's the end of the world as we know it

....and I feel fine. No really, just fine. Rangers season starts Monday and Rangers Nation is out of control. The Rangers are having a hard time being healthy, but I am not worried.

I have been so busy this off-season with work, friends and family that I haven't actually missed baseball. Truthfully I have a hard time seeing my friends and making time for them right now because we aren't in town half the time so baseball hasn't been on the radar. Worse than that, I haven't worked up much excitement for Opening Day yet. It will come.

My lack of enthusiasm has nothing to do with my Rangers starting the season without all of the above players, to name a few.

My apathy really isn't a reaction, seen too often on Twitter in the last few weeks, toward believing this season is over before it starts. I believe over the course of a season every team goes through a series of injuries that effect their performance. How that team reacts is a reflection of the character of the club. More than that, in Texas where it is really hot from June through September the injuries can take a mental toll on a club that can be rough to overcome. Maybe getting injuries out of the way early is a blessing?

So, my team starts the season with a lot of injuries. This could be a sign that they will be fresh for August. This could be an indicator that they will be strong in September and maybe they will go a long way into October. I don't know. Neither does anyone else but instead of worrying about it, instead of giving in to the endless "What If's" and constant knee jerk panic seen the last week on Twitter, I choose to let them play the season and see how it works out!

As far as my excitement is concerned, I have a life full of craziness right now. We are working on the financing of a new home while preparing to put mine (finally) on the market. When it comes to things to worry about, my worry is saved for "What if my house sells and we can't find our house? Where do we live?" I am pretty tapped out with that one.

My plan? First is making it to this weekend then a fishing trip and Opening Day, which happens to be my honey's birthday, do baseball comes in about 3rd or 4th. I just want to be able to breath and take life a moment at a time and when you have a full life, baseball is part of it but you don't spend hours talking about trades that haven't been made, hypothesizing about moves that can be made, studying cyber metrics (what the heck is cyber metrics?), panicking over a back injury or a rotator cuff tear (unless it's you hurt) and playing GM:manager in APRIL. Baseball is suppose to be fun and entertaining. Yes, it has it's moments of stress for fans but really, the start of the season is suppose to be the happiest time of the year! It's suppose to be a time when you have hope, the air is brisk, and the weather isn't well, 110! It's suppose to be the relaxing time of the season. It IS when you remember you're a fan and this is a game. So, my advice: stop stressing Rangers Nation and let the players play. We still have a lot of pretty decent guys who know how to hit, run, and throw and have a LOT of baseball ahead of us!

Go Rangers!

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