Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Dead as in The Walking Dead Season Finale

Remember where we left off?  Carol is missing.  Morgan is looking for her.  Rick has gone back to Alexandria to rally the troops.  Maggie is having some mystery pregnancy illness.  Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita have been captured by the Saviors and Daryl was shot.

D is for dead, as in the Walking Dead season finale.   D could also be for Dumb or Desperate of even dang annoying. 
We start out with Morgan walking through a field looking for Carol.   The first sign this episode is going to bite is the sign he comes across reminding him that he is alive. Anything so obviously telling the audience that people are alive surely means someone is going to die.  Next he runs into a horse with a saddle and has a talk telling the horse he is alive, which is nice but makes me curious, how has this horse managed to survive the walkers when darn near every other domestic animal has gone missing.   Obviously this is the horse the guy Rick almost shot but didn't thanks to Morgan lost last week.   More on him later but it will likely be a thank God Rick didn't kill him moment to balance out the I wish Daryl had killed Dwight moments of the last few weeks.

Cheer Cheer the gangs all here!
Next we head to Alexandria where Carl decides his too big for himself britches need to be aired out so he will be going with his father.   Enid wants to come, I want to talk some sense into both of them.  Stay home and shut up.   Remember what happened to the last troubled kid?  He got his entire family eaten. 

Meanwhile Rick entrusts all of Alexandria to Father Gabriel because he is ready to lead the world as we know it now that he has taken a life.   Gabriel says not to worry he has it under control.  His first priority will be Judith's safety followed by defense of Alexandria.   He then asks Rick if he is sure that Rick trusts him to protect Alexandria.   Me:  Alexandria?  Dude the man is giving you his baby daughter to protect.  You haven't shown much of a track record in protecting anyone so far so I am thinking the real question needs to be are you capable of saving Judith?

That must have been one heck of a party!
Alright so Morgan finds Carol who doesn't want to be found.  Carol is bleeding and looks like she is about to pass out about every 2 seconds.  Still, she tells Morgan to shove off.  He doesn't and takes her inside to rest. 

Road Block 1
Rick and the Scooby gang set off in the Mystery Machine, ah, RV to get Maggie some help.  It really sucks that Dwight just happened to kill the only doctor in town two episodes ago because if Denise were still around, we wouldn't be dealing with the gang on the run. 

Apparently Negan and his troops are waiting, pretty much everywhere for Rick.  No matter where they go, they come across a bunch of Negan's henchmen, over and over, and over again.  Rick and one of the Saviors get into a deep discussion about never knowing which day is your last day on earth mixed in with an all you need is love talk.  My thoughts while I was watching this?  First this guy telling Rick about appreciating his folks is bad news.  Someone is going to die.  Why would Rick pick a fight with a group when he knows nothing at all about them?  Alexandria's resources are depleted and unless I am missing something, a ton of the residence have been killed in the last 6 months.  It seems by now that Rick would have, you know, done some research on Negan and the Saviors.  Maybe watched them and tried to figure out how many millions of them there are, exactly.   Eh, what do I know?  I am sure Rick has this covered.

Morgan has gone to town looking for what?  We don't know and when he comes back Carol is missing.  Hmm, since she said she wanted to be left alone and told Morgan to pound sand, it is a real shock that she would leave the moment he turns his back.  Anyway, Morgan sets out to find the missing and kind of crazy Carol.

Carol on the other hand is only half conscious and walking around town without any regard for her well being.  After nearly getting eaten by a walker with an elastic face she is attacked by the guy who survived the road block attack last week.   Okay, so savior number whatever has been shot (by Carol last week) and isn't much better off than Carol but he manages to overpower her and shoots her a couple times for good measure.   He starts to leave her in the street to die when Carol tells him that he can't just leave her, she isn't hurt enough to die.  She then explains that he is suppose to tell her to look at the flowers and pop her.  He is about to do just that when Morgan comes to the rescue.  After giving the guy a chance to walk away, Morgan kills him.  

Just about that time, low and behold the guy with the missing horse from last week shows up and he has a friend and his friend has a horse.  I don't know who these people in armor suits are but I am going to call them the Knights because well they are wearing some sort of protective gear/suit and they ride horses so who else would they be?  Anyway, the Knights offer Morgan and Carol sanctuary and they ride off into the sunset.  Well, kind of  anyway, I start saying to myself, Self, these Knight people may be able to help Rick and the Scooby gang if only they have the power and the numbers to help them overthrow Negan. 

Road Block 457
Meanwhile the Scooby gang is still trying to find a way around Negan and all the road blocks.  There was a wall of walkers and a burning wall of logs and still the gang traveled on, round and round in circles, trying to get Maggie to a doctor, any doctor, a witch doctor would do.  Maggie is looking hard up and is burning up with fever.  Let's see, Maggie has the pregnancy flu?  Maggie and Rick have a conversation about how all they have ever been able to rely on is each other and that they are going to be fine because they always have been.  I am expecting him to add in "We happy few.  We band of brothers" any moment but he just keeps going on about their happy little group and yes, we all know someone is going to die.

So Rick and Eugene have a pow-wow and Eugene decides to take off in the RV alone while the Scooby gang carries Daphne Maggie to Hill Top.  Anyone else watch this and think, The Saviors know when you are sleeping, they know if your awake, they know if you are walking in the woods so get the heck out for goodness sake?

Well, our gang didn't pick up on the obvious, there is no way to Hill Top theme and they all got captures.  Good news, they were reunited, first with Eugene then with Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, and Rosita.  

Eventually everyone is brought together, kneeling down so they can meet the acquaintance of King Arthur and Excalibur circa 2016. 
Rick needs a bath and some serious vacation time

Daryl was shot last week but he is alive, or is he?
When Negan finally steps out from door number 1 , he starts to tell the gang about how upset he was that they killed his men, then he sent men to kill them and they killed those men too.  Well, darn the luck.  Next he puts two and two together and figures out that Rick and Carl are father and son.  It must be because they look so nothing alike. 
Negan has a little conversation where he calls Carl a future serial killer.  (I guess it takes one to know one?)  Negan tells everyone if they move during the next part, he will poke out Carl's eye and feed it to Rick.   Meanwhile he tries to pick who he is going to introduce in that very special way to Lucille.
Finally, fate decides and we see the bat and hear some muffled screaming and it seems clear that Negan killed the cameraman by the blood splattered all over the lens.  This throwing blood at the camera thing is getting old.  That is two weeks in a row.  Come up with something better.
 Fade to black.

I want to hate Negan but anyone who gives Carl crap can't be all that bad, can he? 

I want to like this episode but I seriously don't understand the cliffhanger.  Wouldn't it have been just as miserable to know who Negan apparently killed and spent all summer saying Daryl of Glenn or Maggie or whoever isn't really dead, right?  I mean, I know Game of Thrones did this with John Snow and we all know somehow John Snow is coming back but why not let us cry ove the loss and worry all summer long.  Now I kind of just don't care.

My guess, and it is only that, is that Eugene was the one killed.  I am thinking that only because he had a really sad look on his face and he gave Rick the recipe for bullets.  Still, this is suppose to be a shocking event and if they want shock they kill...well, I would kill Maggie.  I mean there can't be anything more shocking than a pregnant woman getting beaten to death with a bat.  

Hubs has been saying he is done with this show for months and I am starting to feel like that is what everyone should be saying.  This cliffhanger was a Jump the Shark moment and I just don't care.

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