Monday, April 11, 2016

Independent the I word

My entire adult life with the exception of the last 2 1/2 years, I have been am independent female with a job and mortgage.   Actually, I am still those thing I just have my husband in my corner now to help.  Here is what I learned from being independent and on my own for 22 years. 

-You are stronger than you think: 
You can face anything as long as you make the choice to get up the next day. 

-You have to limit your self pity.  
We all go through overwhelming thing and you need to give yourself time to feel bad but you need to know when enough to is enough and you are swallowed up by your problems. 

-Get back up and get going.   When you are knocked down, know you aren't knocked out. 

-Never be afraid to ask for help.  Even independent people need someone.   Before my husband I leaned on my mom and my best friend for advice and grounding.   Have your person who can just help you help yourself.   

-Being independent and being proud are not the same thing.  Don't confuse them.  

-Keep learning.   Look at every roadblock as learning opportunities.  

-Have fun!  You are free to be and do whatever you want.  Travel, go places alone if you feel like going.  Enjoy your freedom.   I didn't stop being independent when I married but things do change.  Now I have two other people to think about before I go somewhere or do something. 

-No matter what your problems are, don't run from them.  At various times of living in my own, I had to figure out how to replace a sewer pipe, broken appliances,  pull carpet, put new flooring in myself, fix toilets and of course, afford to get the car and air conditioning repaired.  The last two things were the worst because those industries tend to take advantage of females.   My a/c actually went out 2 months before I met my husband who is, naturally, an HVAC technician.   I was so proud to show him what th repairman did and how I got the part price down to cost.  He laughed at me and told me it was a $30.00 part and a $300 job and I was taken by a shady repairman.   But hey, I did it on my own! 

Happy Monday! 

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